Graphene LED street lights in Donghe District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Recently, more than 2,810 ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps on 47 main and secondary roads and back streets and alleys in the main city of Donghe, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, have been "laid off" one after another. The replacement is more advanced graphene LED street lamps. With all the new street lights put into use, the city under the night is brighter and more attractive. In order to further enhance the happiness and satisfaction of the residents and improve the level of refined management of the city, Donghe District has further promoted the market-oriented reform of municipal facilities through public disclosure. In the form of bidding and government purchase, Donghe District Fuxing Holding Group and Sichuan Huanyu Jingwei Optoelectronics Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the implementation of the energy management (EMC) trusteeship project for energy-saving transformation of street lamps in the district, which not only replaces the old street lamps in the city, but also 32 333 sets of floodlights were installed at major intersections to effectively improve the quality of urban lighting and ensure traffic safety at night.

Graphene LED street lights in Donghe District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia

The key to ensuring the smooth implementation of the project is how to handle the affairs of the people well. Innovative work measures in Donghe District of Baotou City, starting with the detailed evaluation system, formulated the "District Street Lamp Energy-saving Retrofit Contract Energy Management (EMC) Trustee Project Evaluation Management System" and "District Street Light Energy-saving Retrofit Contract Energy Management (EMC) Trustee Project" Quarterly Performance Targets and Performance Evaluation Index System", which incorporates the management system, management quality, safety work, inspection and maintenance, etc. into the 100-point system assessment, and uses the assessment results as the main basis for the payment of service fees, and “forces” the enterprises to do a good job every time during construction to ensure the quality of the project.

"Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, graphene LED street lamps have uniform light distribution, strong rain and fog penetration, and are also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. After the transformation, the road was tested. The average illuminance on the road surface increased by 4.11 lux, the lighting brightness increased by 9.92%, and the average total input power of the lamps decreased by 59.46%, which fully met the expected results of the project.” said the person in charge of the Fuxing Holding Group in Donghe District, Baotou.


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