Guangzhou Huangpu District solves street lighting problem

"The street lights that have been without power for many years are finally on today!" Recently, people from Donghui Apartment, a bonded community in Xiagang Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, liked it in the WeChat group. It turned out that the problems of street lamps that were in disrepair and had no electricity were solved. The repair and addition of street lamps lit up the people's "way home".

Guangzhou Huangpu District solves street lighting problem

Donghui Apartment, a bonded community, is a typical urban village where outsiders gather. The infrastructure is backward. Street lights were installed during construction in 2009, but due to problems with the street light electricity bill payment procedures, the electricity has not been available. The problem of street lights not working for a long time has been troubled by the residents of Donghui Apartment, causing inconvenience to the residents’ daily travel, and even posing safety risks to the security of the area.

"The street lights in Donghui Apartment are not powered. It is really inconvenient and unsafe to go home from work in the dark." "There are great safety risks for the elderly and children when traveling, and they can easily fall if they are not careful." "The security video surveillance installed in the community, because there is no street lighting, it cannot operate and function normally." At a symposium where people were interviewed by National People's Congress deputies, people expressed that street lighting problems were plaguing their lives.

It is understood that the reason why the street light problem has become a "long-standing problem" in the management of Donghui Apartment is due to the multi-party ownership issues between management services and land economy, as well as the owners' non-cooperation in paying electricity bills.

After understanding the relevant situation, Wu Rongji, director of the Xiagang Street Working Committee of the Huangpu District People's Congress, attached great importance to this people's livelihood work and took the initiative to report to the Xiagang Street Party Working Committee. He and He Ying, director of the Xiagang Street Office, went to the site many times for investigation and coordination. Multiple departments worked together to solve the street light problem and carried out follow-up supervision. Kuang Wenhua, deputy to the Huangpu District People's Congress and secretary of the Party Committee of the Bonded Community, has been keeping an eye on this matter. He has made promoting the solution of the urgent, difficult and anxious issues of the masses a key task in the performance of his duties, and made representative suggestions three times at the Second People's Congress of Huangpu District.

Kuang Wenhua proposed that the street lights of Donghui Apartment should be unified into the management scope of the district’s urban village lighting project, and that all dilapidated street lights that have been out of service for many years should be renovated and line overhauled. In response to the failure of the western area of Donghui Apartment to pay electricity bills, a zoning management approach was adopted. The street lights in the eastern area were brought under unified municipal management. Daily maintenance and electricity costs were coordinated and arranged by the property management, while the western area was handled by the Xiayuan Village Committee Economic Cooperative.


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