LED full spectrum recessed lights give you the most comfortable and happy light

With the changes in living habits, everyone spends almost every day in indoor spaces, so the quality of lighting has become more important. Full-spectrum lighting with good color rendering, can relieve fatigue, and provide healthy light sources. In the past, it was mostly used in desk lamp equipment for reading needs. Dayou Lighting, which has more than 3,000 distribution bases in Taiwan, has taken a look at the changes in modern people's daily routines and newly developed LED General lighting full spectrum, made in MIT Taiwan, high specification, safe and environmentally friendly, creating happy light with zero blind spots indoors!

LED full spectrum recessed lights give you the most comfortable and happy light

What is full spectrum lighting?

Full spectrum refers to light whose spectrum is similar to that of sunlight; while LED general lighting full spectrum can control the wavelength of light.

Therefore, the spectrum is visible light without invisible light (such as ultraviolet and infrared rays), which can avoid harmful effects after long-term use.

Causes harm to the human body; and Ra (color rendering index) is close to 100.

The full-spectrum light source has the advantages of "the color authenticity is close to that of sunlight and can better show the original color of the object being illuminated", "the high color rendering index makes the light softer", and "no risk of photogenic biological hazards", etc., and can provide a rich color sense. Light restores the most natural and true color of the illuminated object. Compared with ordinary lighting, it can alleviate visual fatigue and reduce discomfort. Therefore, full-spectrum LED lighting is commonly used in desk lamp products on the market.

Epoch-making full-spectrum recessed lights give the space the most comfortable light

In order to allow full-spectrum LED lighting that combines many advantages to be used in every indoor space, Dayou Lighting, a leading lighting manufacturer in Taiwan, has successfully developed full-spectrum recessed lights. Whether you are sitting on the sofa reading or illuminating artworks in your home, Working areas such as medical (surgery) lighting, etc., can present the true colors of objects, and activities in different areas can enjoy the happy light brought by full-spectrum lighting.

ENELTEC Lighting's LED general lighting full-spectrum series of lamps, including recessed lights, bracket lights, track lights and other products, are expected to be launched one after another before the end of this year. The comprehensively upgraded and diversified designs will give consumers who pursue high quality more choices.


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