The light of intelligent connectivity and low carbon illuminates the sports dream of a powerful country

As the 19th Asian Games approaches, the lights of sports venues, municipal roads, and landmark buildings in Hangzhou, where the event will be held, and its surrounding areas are becoming brighter and brighter. Behind every ray of light projected is the story of a lighting company team that embraces professional ideals, faces real difficulties, and reaps career results.

The light of intelligent connectivity and low carbon illuminates the sports dream of a powerful country

In order to dig deeper into the deeds of lighting companies participating in the construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games, listen to the feelings and thoughts of representatives of these participating lighting companies, so as to inspire more lighting practitioners to participate in the infrastructure construction of large-scale sports events, and enhance the influence of our country's lighting industry in global sports events. China Photo Network interviewed several corporate team representatives or corporate leaders who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games lighting project to showcase the technological strength and team creativity of lighting companies rooted in the land of China.

For this Asian Games, Signify provided professional sports lighting solutions that are in line with the standards of top international events for many sports venues including Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium and Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, fully considering The visual needs of athletes, referees, and spectators in the field and in front of the TV.

Yao Mengming said that in order to create an atmosphere for the event, Signify used Philips high-power LED floodlights designed for professional sports lighting, Philips high-ceiling lights suitable for lighting in high-space places, and intelligent interconnected lighting systems. Present high-quality lighting effects, create an immersive stadium lighting experience, and realize switching between lighting modes for various purposes such as television broadcasts of major international competitions, professional competitions, amateur competitions, professional training and entertainment activities, meeting the needs of Asian Games venues. Daily operational needs and provide corresponding lighting solutions for the daily operations of the venue.

In view of the fact that the Asian Games, as a large-scale international comprehensive sports event, involves many venues and competition events, from track and field, football, basketball, to gymnastics, swimming, water polo, etc., there is a large span between events, and the lighting design of the venue needs to integrate specific competition events. , broadcast requirements, equipment operation and venue conditions, etc. are taken into consideration, and complex requirements are put forward for the accuracy, uniformity, glare control and installation and debugging of lighting design.


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