Hangzhou Yuhang District implements lighting project on the key Asian Games support section of Yunxi Elevated Road

It is reported that the scope of the lighting project involves Liangxiang Interchange, Pingcang Interchange, Wenyi West Road Interchange and Yunxi Elevated Main Line (Liuxiang West Road Interchange-329 National Highway Section), using 24W+24W+24W combined integrated lamps , organically combining lights with road interconnection landscape, adding luster to the Asian Games in Hangzhou. At present, the installation, commissioning and maintenance have been successfully completed and the expected lighting goals have been achieved.

Hangzhou Yuhang District implements lighting project on the key Asian Games support section of Yunxi Elevated Road

"Our daily lighting construction starts at 8 o'clock in the evening and ends at 5 o'clock in the morning the next day." The relevant person in charge said that in order to minimize the impact on traffic and complete the lighting construction as quickly as possible, the workers burning midnight oil and working hard at the front line of construction.

The street lights on both sides of the Wenyi West Road interconnection connect dots to form lines and lines to form surfaces in the vast night, converging into long golden rivers. They complement each other, exude a unique urban style, and "beautify" the night sky of Yuhang.

Under the viaduct are tens of thousands of fireworks, and on the viaduct is a stream of traffic. The lights outline the beautiful outline of the Liangxiang Road Interconnection. It extends into the depths of the night like a streamer, connecting the Future Science and Technology City and Linping, perfecting and optimizing the traffic along the road. The road network has improved Yuhang’s transportation capacity.

Under the gleaming lights, the Pingcang Interconnection connects the Yunxi Elevated Highway and the Hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway. The ancient Liangzhu culture and modern technology collide and intersect here, and the blood of ancient and modern civilizations flows quietly here.

Under the cover of night, the West Railway Station hub is quietly located in a corner of Yuhang. Traffic flows through the galaxy of lights. The three-dimensional transportation network that connects the inside and outside smoothly connects all directions and promotes industrial revitalization.

The Asian Games is coming soon. Yuhang Transportation will make every effort to promote the key support projects of the Asian Games with a fighting attitude, ensure that high quality and high quantity are completed on schedule, and reflect the responsibility of the transportation team.


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