The installation of the lighting corridor bridge at Alipurang Airport in Tibet was successfully completed

South of Mount Kailash, north of the border between China, India and Nepal, on the vast plateau of Ali region in Tibet, Alipuram Airport is like a sharp sword, guarding the borders of the motherland.

The installation of the lighting corridor bridge at Alipurang Airport in Tibet was successfully completed

The airport is one of the "3+1" projects of China's civil aviation system to assist in the construction of Tibet airports. It adopts an integrated approach of political mobilization, entrusted construction assistance and construction and operation, and will play an important role in the development of the Ngari region.

In August 2022, Sichuan Huaxi Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook the power supply and navigation lighting project of the flight area of Pulan Airport. The project site is remote, and the high altitude of 4,250 meters is even more daunting. The air here is thin and the oxygen content is only about 60% of that in the mainland. The area has a large temperature difference between morning and evening, and the climate is complex and changeable. Strong ultraviolet rays and strong winds and rains are commonplace, it can easily lead to altitude sickness in construction workers, seriously reducing work efficiency, and is a severe test for construction workers and even machinery.

The focus of the project is the light corridor bridge project. This project is located within the range of rows 15-30 of the approach light strip at the northern end of the runway. It adopts the "iron tower + corridor bridge" solution, and the total length of the corridor bridge is 480m. A total of 9 iron towers are set up in this section. Steel pipe frames are used to connect the frames. Steel grating plates are laid on the upper chords to form a corridor bridge, which is a high-plateau airport lighting corridor bridge.

The tower bridge is located in the natural hillside area at the end of the runway, with a foundation height difference of more than 40 meters. The access route to the site is a temporary temporary access road, which is also a severe test for large-scale entry and exit machinery. During the construction, the access road needs to be restructured according to the location of the different tower foundations. Construction requires extremely high on-site construction management and safety management.

The maximum height of the tower is 52 meters, the maximum span of the covered bridge is 60 meters, and the maximum slope slope reaches 1:0.8. The deep foundation pit and tower hoisting are both extremely dangerous projects. In the high plateau environment, various sandstorms often attack. It brings many difficulties to the hoisting of iron towers and covered bridges.

With the joint efforts of the construction personnel, the foundation of the iron tower started in August 2022, and the pouring of the iron tower foundation was completed in June 2023, and successfully passed the acceptance inspection; in August, the assembly and installation of the iron tower gallery bridge was successfully completed, marking a national milestone. The installation of the highest navigation aid lighting corridor bridge was successfully completed.


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