Hebei Langfang Development Zone improves urban lighting

In order to welcome the Langfang Economic and Trade Fair in 2023, the Public Utilities Bureau of Langfang Development Zone, Hebei Province has comprehensively implemented lighting upgrades around nodes such as Art Avenue, Youyi Road, and Yingbin Square. Carry out lighting renovation on the Rainbow Bridge of Art Avenue, and install 50,000 3D point light sources to improve the lighting and beautification effect.

Hebei Langfang Development Zone improves urban lighting

Install 6,000 tile-washing lamps and wall-washing lamps on both sides of the Art Avenue to improve the overall landscape level of the Art Avenue. On the basis of the original lighting of Yingbin Square, 48 flagpole floodlights, Feiyun Chasing Sun sculpture spotlight group and four colorful light strips for flower stands were installed, which further improved the night scene lighting level of Yingbin Square.


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