India Chennai large area installed LED street lights

According to a policy report, India Chennai company has installed 48,034 energy-saving LED street lights in the city, a historic record.

India Chennai large area installed LED street lights

India Chennai large-scale installation of LED street lights a record

Policy report said that the project required LED street lights will cost 10.1 million rupees, after expanding the field will spend 3.22 billion rupees. So far, the city has 48,034 LED street lights have replaced the internal roads and traffic on the path of the CFL bulb and aging sodium lamp.

The report said that it is worth mentioning that no other municipal companies will be like Chennai company to install such a large number of LED street lights. As of March 2016, the remaining 61,966 street lights will be fully installed. It is reported that LED street lights than sodium vapor lamp power consumption less about 40%.

Chennai company in the city maintained 248,467 lights. These lights consume about 19MW of electricity per month and spend about 20 million rupees a year.

Nearly 15,000 street lights work every night. The company did not receive the street lights to break the complaints in this area, more is on the risk of stray dogs and garbage handling improper complaints.


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