Zhenjiang, Jiangsu built the city's first smart light pole demonstration road

According to the Street Light Management Office of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, in the spring of this year, a total of 16 street lights were installed on the renovated Xinma Road in Zhenjiang City, of which 8 are integrated with traditional lighting, video surveillance, LED information release screens, new energy vehicle charging, and environmental monitoring, voice broadcasting and other functions in one, this is a Chinese New Year gift presented by the Zhenjiang Street Lamp Management Office to the citizens, and it is also Zhenjiang's first smart multi-functional street light pole Shifan Road. The engine promotes urban lighting to a new level, drawing a pragmatic measure for the modernization of urban governance.

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu built the city's first smart light pole demonstration road

The various functional modules on the smart light pole can realize the holographic perception of the city's diversified information, and cooperate with edge computing, cloud computing, big data management and other means to realize the functions of information sharing and intensive management, and help the construction of Zhenjiang's smart city. Among them, light poles, intelligent monitoring, and information release screens "complement each other's advantages". Through intelligent monitoring and 24-hour electrified operation, it can actively cooperate with various departments such as urban management, comprehensive management, emergency response, and 12345 to realize information sharing on new road sections; light poles and environmental monitoring, etc. The "powerful combination" of sensors facilitates the timely discovery of problems such as gas and noise pollution by the environmental protection department; in addition, the supporting charging piles provide a solution for the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles.

As the "brain" of the smart street light pole, the system platform meets the functional requirements of business remote control equipment, remote upgrade equipment, and remote supervision equipment. Through automatic terminal reporting and regular monitoring of the upper computer, various abnormalities of various equipment are reported in time. Provide management basis for the work of different functional departments, so as to realize the standardization of business processes.

Can smart light poles save energy?

Focus on energy saving and efficiency enhancement, and play a green and low-carbon role

The Xinma Road Smart Street Lighting Project upgraded the original 200W high-pressure sodium lamps to 90W LED lamps, which effectively realized the primary energy saving of street lighting facilities. At the same time, a single lamp controller and a dimming power supply are installed in the lamps. On the basis of the first energy saving, the secondary energy saving is realized through the precise switching of the lamp and the power adjustment of the LED lamp. After the upgrade, the comprehensive power saving rate of the street lamp facilities reaches more than 45%.

Through the coverage of the whole section of Xinma Road by the single lamp system, the accuracy of lighting facilities has been upgraded and the functions have been expanded. This also marks that Zhenjiang street lamps have truly transitioned from the 1.0 stage of traditional lighting to the 2.0 stage of Didi repair lamps, from "inspection and maintenance" "Transformed into "fixed-point maintenance", greatly improving service quality and efficiency on the basis of reducing invalid labor waste. At the same time, the system can also formulate an intelligent dimming mode according to factors such as weather and real-time road conditions, and dynamically adjust the intensity of lighting. Realize on-demand light consumption.

Are smart street lights very capable?

Break down data barriers and realize service optimization and upgrading

As a derivative of smart city construction, smart light poles are an indispensable part of new urban construction. Cut into the smart city business on the smart street light pole, opening a new breakthrough for modern city management. The real-time collection and display of urban infrastructure operation information is realized by using many functional components loaded on smart light poles, which saves manpower and material resources for manual inspections, effectively reduces management costs, breaks data barriers, and realizes the optimization and upgrading of urban management methods. Secondly, through the front-end services provided in urban management, government services, social livelihood, public safety, traffic travel, etc., the speed of incident discovery and disposal has been improved, the cost of urban operation risk prevention has been greatly reduced, and the damage caused by emergency incidents has been reduced direct and indirect economic losses.

At the same time, smart street lights realize the integration of multiple poles, reduce the number of poles on the road, release public space resources, beautify urban space, improve the level of urban lighting with embroidery-like care, patience, and ingenuity, embroider quality, embroider brand, and create a suitable business and livable smart city new space provides "street light power" to help cities optimize business operations.


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