Implementation of Urban Lighting Management Measures in Nantong City

Urban lighting is closely related to the life of the citizens. The author learned from the Municipal and Landscape Bureau of Nantong City that the newly issued “Nantong City Urban Lighting Management Measures” was officially implemented on July 1. The introduction of this method will further strengthen the planning, construction and management of urban lighting, promote the construction of urban green lighting projects, and ensure the normal operation of urban lighting facilities.

Implementation of Urban Lighting Management Measures in Nantong City

Measures to encourage green lighting activities, support the construction of urban lighting facilities, maintain and promote energy-saving, environmentally-friendly lighting new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new processes; carry out scientific and technological research to improve the level of scientific and technological information in urban lighting management. The functional lighting installation rate of new, rebuilt and expanded urban road projects should reach 100%. Where the existing urban roads are not equipped with functional lighting facilities, the competent department of urban lighting shall urge the relevant construction units to gradually transform.

At the same time, the measures also stipulate specific penalties for the depiction of urban lighting facilities, such as smearing and other activities that may affect the normal operation of urban lighting facilities.

Urban lighting management is directly related to saving energy and protecting the environment. The promulgation and implementation of this method can better guide and standardize the city's urban lighting management. It is of positive significance to improve the quality of urban lighting, build quality cities, characteristic cities, and improve urban living environment.


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