India relaxed restrictions LED bulbs tender

Indian Prime Minister Modi won last year's general election, promised to fight for investment in power, railways and other construction to improve India's economy, and plans within five years so that every family can use the indoor lighting, a move that will open up business opportunities in LED and solar.

India relaxed restrictions LED bulbs tender

Taiwanese suppliers said that the Indian government has begun an open tender 20 million LED bulbs will subsidize the purchase of the product within two years of local consumers in the first quarter of 2015, 7W 600lm LED bulbs equivalent has quickly from the original INR230 (about 22.5 yuan) down to about INR100 (about 9.77 yuan), and now dropped further to INR80 (about 7.98 yuan).

In addition, India seems to have planned for the next few years, India playing a huge life solid-state lighting market.

Government of India in collaboration with Indian suppliers of lighting suppliers / manufacturers assemble LED bulbs, the government believes that every one to two months of open bidding about two million LED bulbs, so far has purchased about 1 million.

India's government initially require the use of international manufacturers to provide LED lighting products, including Nichia, Lumileds, Cree and Osram, but the sources said it had relaxed the restrictions, as a result, several LED lighting manufacturer in China, including wood Linsen, Manufacturer Foshan lighting, country star power and Hongli Opto-electronic, and Taiwan, such as the Edison Opto and Everlight has been reviewed by qualified suppliers.

Despite the price cuts have made successful unprofitable, but LED lighting manufacturers regarded as the gateway to India to participate in the LED lighting market ladder that there is great potential demand in India, which led to increased competition.


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