Intelligent lighting technology is maturing

The concept of intelligent lighting has been proposed in the industry for many years. Under the background of the rapid development of Internet of Things technology and mobile internet technology centered on wireless and mobile phone technology, smart lighting is no longer "thunder and heavy rain". Judging from the current development of the intelligent lighting industry, enterprises have jointly promoted the development of the industry through cross-border cooperation. The future growth potential of smart lighting is huge, and each product layout field of each manufacturer has been considered.

Intelligent lighting technology is maturing

Technology giants and lighting companies have joined forces to promote the rapid development of intelligent lighting. Internet companies have advantages in high-speed interconnection and cloud data. Lighting companies understand the characteristics of electricity and optical characteristics. The essence of cross-border integration is complementary advantages. Lighting manufacturers provide hardware products, lamps and light sources, control system manufacturers provide software and hardware products, control systems / central control equipment, platform manufacturers provide software and hardware platforms, Internet software interfaces and related value-added services, including communications operators, e-commerce platforms, IT Enterprises, Internet companies, etc.

The market compound growth rate is over 25%, and the industrial and commercial lighting market accounts for the largest. According to the statistics of the OFweek Industry Research Institute, the global smart lighting market has a scale of US$16.6 billion in 2018, with the increase of energy-saving issues, the decline in the price of LED components, and the addition of emerging advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices. Driven by the active promotion of manufacturers and the construction of smart cities, it is expected that the compound growth rate of the intelligent lighting market will exceed 25% in the next few years, and will exceed 40 billion US dollars by 2022. Among the intelligent lighting applications, the largest proportion is industrial and commercial lighting, including industrial / factory lighting, shopping malls / shops / shopping mall lighting, hotel lighting, commercial super chain lighting, office building lighting.

The technology is ready, and each manufacturer's product layout area has its own considerations. Judging from the product layout of lighting manufacturers, Yannuofei has a comprehensive layout, involving industrial, commercial, home, outdoor and other applications; lighting manufacturers mostly use smart home lighting as the entrance layout, and very few enterprises use smart street lights as the entrance.


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