LED will be widely used in the field of physical therapy

Since the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered in 2000, the use of LED red light helps repair astronauts' muscle and bone damage and accelerate wound healing. It is a safe, non-invasive home maintenance tool that turns on LEDs inPhysical therapy assisted applications.

LED will be widely used in the field of physical therapy

For the research in related fields, Yujing, a subsidiary of Guanjing Optoelectronics, has launched two products, “Photosynthetic Stick” and “Shu Li Stick”, which can stimulate acupuncture points through LED red light, and use light therapy to soothe head, shoulders, neck and waist. The general discomfort of the system makes the LED more healthful and practical. These two products have also been recognized by academics and medical professionals.

The physiotherapist Zhan Lide said that the LED red "portable" product can be directly attached or worn on the human body, and does not affect the patient's daily life at all. It is the most practical product. He also decided to introduce related products into the United States to help patients in treatment, and to continue local care at home.


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