Japan vertical farm use Philips LED grow lighting

Innovatus and indoor test crop Delicious Cook Japan's fresh offer safe and nearby crops, such services can be found in the Kanto region and Fuji.

Japan vertical farm use Philips LED grow lighting

International lighting giant Philips Lighting announced that the company and two Japanese vertical farm testing activities. Between two vertical farms in Japan plant using Philips LED lighting. Tokyo consumer for growth in the vertical farm Innovatus Inc., using LED lighting plant, pesticide-free and do not need to wash lettuce acceptance has been high.

Meanwhile, the population accounts for one-third of Japan's total population in the Kanto area residents can buy now using more fresh delicious vegetables and spices made of RTE foods at convenience stores. These crops are Delicious Cook Co vertical farms, plants cultivated from LED lighting. Innovatus Inc. The entire testing process lasted 14 months and Delivious Cook Co. just spent a year testing.

"Japanese consumers tend to buy more and more with a variety of high-quality flavor, safe and nutritious food, of course, take into account the reasonable price. Vertical farm is the ideal conduit to reach these requirements, because the vertical farm can be directly the successful development of highly urbanized areas, even if limited space is not a problem.

Philips' first commercial vertical lighting project was in 2014, when Osaka University expanded. Now, Japan is one of the fastest growing markets in the world plant LED lighting systems development. Cooperation with Japan also help farmers improve the installation of Philips Lighting and light LED lighting configuration, so more Philips products to meet the needs of the Japanese market. "Philips lighting plant director Udo van Slooten representation.


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