Kazakhstan's Palace LED lighting solutions

  Astana, Kazakhstan's Palace of design has a double meaning, both draws supremacist structure, but also reflects the local residential building tradition. This can be seen from the project slogan: ". Khan Shangyrak teenagers haven."

Kazakhstan's Palace LED lighting solutions

  Kazakhstan's Palace is located in the capital Astana, designed by Studio 44 Architects, the project construction area of 18,700 square meters. Its design has a double meaning: both painting supremacist metaphor, but also draws on traditional forms of local architecture, and these two into one, creating a "children's shelter." The project draws on Shangyrak-- traditional Kazakh yurt, its fa?ade has a prominent giant disk, the shape of the traditional yurt, there is a giant plate holes and skylights provide plenty of natural light to the building interior.

  Children's Palace transformed design language is a height of 8 meters, a diameter of 156 meters of the building structure. Beneath the giant dish is the atrium space around the atrium is one of the "box" space, all functional units, including an ice rink, shooting range, movie theaters, swimming pools, museums and so on. Epidermal architectural ornaments dotted with traditional houses, the interior also has a unique traditional decor. Giant plate design also provides a panoramic view oriented architecture platform.


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