Zhongshi intersection continues to replace LED high-lumen street lights

In addition to the recent improvements and additional lighting at the top ten intersections in Taichung City that are prone to accidents, the Construction Bureau continued to complete the lighting improvements at the intersections of Taiwan Avenue, Wenxin Road and Huizhong Road at the end of September this year, replacing a total of 6 LED street lights and 4 four-arm lights. The poles increase the illumination at intersections, making important arterial roads and MRT thoroughfares with frequent traffic brighter, and providing passers-by with a clear vision environment.

Zhongshi intersection continues to replace LED high-lumen street lights

This year, LED high-lumen street lamps and four-arm light poles were replaced to improve lighting at the top ten intersections in Taichung City. The lighting effect was remarkable and was highly recognized by many people. Local inquiries increased. In September, it will be expanded to include cultural street lamps along Taiwan Avenue. At the two intersections of Xin Road and Huizhong Road, high-lumen lamps and multi-lamp poles were installed to enhance the intersection lighting.

Director Chen further stated that Taiwan Avenue is the most important arterial road in Taichung, with a road width of more than 60 meters. It takes a long time for pedestrians to cross the road. It may take longer for the elderly or those with mobility impairments to cross. The longer the crossing time, the higher the risk. Since there are MRT stations, shopping malls or gas stations around the two intersections of Wenxin Road and Huizhong Road, considering the large and frequent crowds, lighting optimization was prioritized. High-lumen street lights and four-arm light poles are all made of LEDs with better color rendering and illumination. Energy-saving lamps improve the visual dimness caused by the original yellow sodium lamps, greatly increase the average illumination at intersections, and reduce collision accidents caused by unclear vision.



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