led high bay lamp energy saving upgrade

Led lighting industry in research and development and sales process in less than a year, ENELTEC led high bay lamp module won the praise of customers, led high bay lamp module sold to Aeolus Tyre, more than Billions, China harvesting province 30 medium-sized enterprises.

led high bay lamp energy saving upgrade

According to the reports, for non-ferrous metals, high bay and other enterprises Lamps, ENELTEC new energy are on the luminaire thermal shock, water and dust, delays and other testing, the total test time of up to 12,000 hours, and strive to provide the best quality service and products to customer. ENELTEC new energy of energy-saving led lighting companies pay more attention to humanity, not only to improve the stability of the lamp, reducing its troublesome follow-up maintenance, simplify lighting assembly procedures, even for some special lamps secondary protection against aging lamp body fracture caused by wounding. Through the re-planning of their own products, the company has achieved initial results.

It is understood that most of the industrial and high bay enterprises are still using metal halide lighting high bay lamps, its main drawback is reflected in power, there is pollution, short life expectancy, high maintenance costs. How can a breakthrough in technology, and she won a larger market share? ENELTEC New Energy has developed a cost-effective monolithic modules high bay lamps, low-cost, high performance, long life, light weight, easy maintenance, and other characteristics, and meet environmental protection, energy needs. The product design consists of six subsystems: optical subsystem, the power subsystem, organization subsystem, students heat systems, water subsystem, system and product certification. The company responsible Qin Junguang calculations: Take a 100,000 tons of aluminum, for example, required the use of about 1000-2000 100wENELTECled module 400w high bay lamps replace traditional high bay lamp, for 3 years, you can save electricity and maintenance costs 300 million yuan.

It is because of targeting the market, seize the opportunity, ENELTEC new energy not only make a good product to meet market demand, but also for customers to create real economic benefits.


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