ENELTEC launch new UFO LED Bay Light

With the development of science and technology, ENELTEC technicians realized the importance of a product for cooling, began in-depth study of LED High Bay Light, research and development of new cooling technologies, and large-scale collection and listen to the views of users. Through continuous research and development, innovation, after the test, the official launch of the new 2016 UFO LED high bay lamp.

NELTEC launch new UFO LED Bay Light

ENELTEC is an innovation in the field of LED high bay light, a number of technology is the first time appeared on the LED Bay Light products. The main cooling effect, LED high bay lamp adopt high quality aluminum heat, the surface temperature of 30-40 degrees, can be improved LED high bay lamp life.

In the production of high bay lamps, use a special explosion-proof structure design, and the use of tempered glass to make lamp shade, plus after the die casting process of production, so that LED high bay lamp manufactured goods have a certain proof performance.

The new LED high bay lamp installation is simple, safe and reliable, can be widely applied to other places need lighting factories, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, exhibition halls, stadiums, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, farmers markets, the stability of lighting quality, use life up to 50,000 hours, energy saving would be 70% compared with traditional energy-saving lamps.

As a high-power LED high bay lamp market leader, ENELTEC has been a solid technical foundation and strong ability to innovate surf in LED high bay lamp market.


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