LED light bar dimming application under the choice of drive power

LEDs are used more and more widely in lighting fixtures, and they are superior to traditional lighting methods. In addition to improving the quality of life, improving the performance of light sources and extending the life of lamps, they use their unique dimming function to color and brightness the lights. The changes and fully meet the biggest advantages of energy-saving applications.

LED light bar dimming application under the choice of drive power

The dimming performance of LED lighting fixtures depends on the LED light source and driving power source.

In general, LED light sources can be easily divided into two broad categories: individual LED diode sources or LED diode sources with resistors. In applications, sometimes LED sources are designed to include DC-DC conversion. A module of this kind, such a complex module is not within the scope of this article. If the LED light source or module is a separate LED diode itself, the common dimming method is to adjust the amplitude of the LED input current. Therefore, the selection of the LED driving power supply should refer to this characteristic. The characteristics of the HLG/ELG family of MEANWELL Company The current is adjustable and can be modulated by an external 1-10VDC* or 10VPWM pulse width or even by an external variable resistor to control the output current modulation. Another LED diode source with a resistor (generally called LED strip or LEDSTRIP), LED strip is widely used as a resistor with LED diodes in series, so the voltage is relatively stable, so the user any commercially available constant voltage power supply can be used to drive the LED strips. Common LED strips are typically driven at 12 VDC or 24 VDC, but may therefore be somewhat difficult in dimming applications for LED strips. This article describes the application of the current amplitude dimming driver to the LED strip, as well as some common dimming issues, and introduces a dimmable LED power driver with output pulse width (PWM) modulation. The PWM family series launched by Ming Wei Company and recognized by the National Technology Innovation Product Award is the most appropriate and simple LED light strip dimming solution on the market.

The best LED strip dimming solution uses the output pulse width modulation PWM dimming function to solve common dead travel dimming problems. The PWM models offered by Ming Wei Company cover four series of 40/60/90/120W, which is an LED driver power supply suitable for dimming applications of various LED strips.


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