LED lighting development trend is people-oriented

Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high power conversion rate, and with the development of LED lighting source, the color temperature becomes more and more easy to adjust. Studies by scholars such as Cajochen of the University of Basel in Switzerland have shown that light with a wavelength of 460 nm can increase the body temperature of the human body, and the wavelength of 550 nm has no effect.

LED lighting development trend is people-oriented

In the case that the general lighting market is becoming more mature and the demand is slowing down, improving the added value of products, improving the reliability, color, and light efficiency of products is a development focus for manufacturers. With the increase of people's awareness in society, people have come into being due to lighting.

Nowadays, research on the effects of color temperature and human body has progressed to the commercial stage. More and more people such as medical, education and work environment use LED light sources for lighting applications to improve human life, even the International Space Station Russia "Dawn" A new variable light illuminator is also installed in the cabin to mimic the sunrise to sunset light on Earth.

According to the European Lighting Association, human-induced lighting is currently used in commercial and residential lighting. The improvement of lighting quality through LED products, intelligent lighting systems and people-centered circular economy will become a new driving force for the growth of the European lighting market. Intelligent lighting is mainly used in smart homes, intelligent buildings, urban roads, etc., and can interact with other smart home systems such as security systems and entertainment systems.

For example, the Delta Group's BIC intelligent lighting solution is based on the Internet of Things lighting architecture. The built-in Bluetooth intelligent lighting control can collect data through the key Bluetooth components used in the lighting. Analysis, through integration with the building management platform, in addition to providing personalized lighting control, can also be used with Beacon positioning system to provide LBS (Location based service) related application services, to achieve personnel tracking, asset management, indoor navigation, electronic fence , message push, hotspot analysis and other functions.

In the field of intelligent lighting, LED can achieve people-oriented lighting through the combination of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. At present, the "human-induced lighting" has received increasing attention. Many lighting manufacturers such as OSRAM, General Electric, Philips, Op Lighting and other international companies have divested the traditional lighting business, looking for a segment of the field, has been in the field of human lighting. The investment layout was carried out, and the “people-oriented lighting system” was exhibited at the light source exhibition. It is worth mentioning that a major focus of the 2018 Frankfurt Lighting Fair is to show the world how to create a smarter life for human beings and to establish the main axis of human lighting.


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