LED lighting in the field of transportation

In transportation applications, LEDs have competitive advantages in energy saving, earthquake resistance, stability and energy consumption in the aftermarket, passenger cars, trucks and trailers, motorcycles, buses, commercial vehicles, station wagons. , automotive parts and other fields have been widely used. As the field of transportation lighting applications expands, its market size will continue to expand.

LED lighting in the field of transportation

With the development of lighting technology, transportation lighting is developing in the direction of energy saving, individualization, intelligence and customization, and safety has also been mentioned to a more important height, which brings new space and opportunity to the industry.

The transportation lighting market has broad prospects, and major companies are also focusing on innovation in lighting technology to seize market opportunities. As a leader in the global lighting industry, ENELTEC is also actively expanding in the field of transportation lighting. Relying on its leading position in the passenger vehicle field, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors will bring advanced technology and application concepts to the lighting applications of other transportation vehicles, and there will be a dedicated team to develop corresponding products according to the specific application needs of transportation lighting and provide professional technical support.


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