LED lighting transformation helps Davos achieve green transformation

Xin Nuofei announced that it will replace the street lights and lighting fixtures in the conference center for Davos, and help Davos achieve its sustainable development goals through its high-quality energy-saving LED products. This week, political and business leaders from around the world will visit Davos to attend the World Economic Forum.

LED lighting transformation helps Davos achieve green transformation

"For many years, Xin Nuofei has been a frequent visitor to the World Economic Forum in Davos. They have made us aware of the role and contribution of LED transformation to sustainable development." Said Mayor Tarzisius Caviezel of Davos. The secondary lighting upgrade is our positive response to the Global Initiative for Sustainable Development. "

Up to now, Xin Nuofei and its long-term partner ELEKTRON have successfully replaced 500 of the first 1000 street lights in Davos streets, and connected 250 of them to Xin Nuofei's cloud-based Interact City intelligent connected lighting system. The move is expected to save 72,300 kWh of energy per year in Davos. Interact City intelligent connected lighting system can remotely manage the lighting infrastructure. Operators can simply click or control within the control program to achieve single point or group control of street lights. Usage of street lights. Davos plans to complete the LED retrofit of the city within five to ten years.

Xin Nuofei also renovated the lighting of the conference center in Davos. Nearly 900 lamps can save 50,000 kilowatt-hours of energy each year and reduce carbon emissions by 82%, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions. 28 tons. Xin Nuofei also equipped a number of Philips lighting products for the conference center. More importantly, Xin Nuofei replaced the lighting control system for the conference center according to the requirements of the operator. This system is perfectly compatible with the current building management system and also reserves upgrade space for future access to the new network.

"I am very pleased to witness the gradual transition of LED into a city that welcomes leaders from all over the world every year," said Hong Anli, CEO of Xin Nuofei. "The achievements of Davos are exciting, but this week's gathering here Leaders should also be aware that if we want to achieve global carbon neutrality by 2050, governments and businesses still have a long way to go. We hope that this session of the World Economic Forum will be a turning point for the world to actively carry out climate action and achieve longer-term sustainable development goals. "

Mr. Hong Anli will attend the "Stimulating Circular Innovation" Symposium and the "Promoting Digital Transformation of Cities" seminar on January 22 during the World Economic Forum to further promote his views on sustainable development. At the same time, Hong Anli will also be the host of the "CEO Climate Leaders" meeting. On January 23, he will attend a luncheon hosted by Secretary-General António Guterres and deliver a speech at the launch of a new round of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

"Our current economic model of 'take, manufacture, and abandon' is unsustainable. Vigorously developing a circular economy is a key weapon in the global response to climate change." Hong Anli said, "This move can expand the range of materials we can currently use and avoid Resources are destroyed and economic vitality is released. "

"For example, Xin Nuofei recently launched 3D printed lamps for professionals and consumers." Hong Anli added, "Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing technology consumes less energy during raw material extraction and manufacturing, and can Reduce carbon footprint by 47%. If we use recyclable materials for production, such as making lamps with 24 recyclable old CD, the cost savings can be further increased. "

Developing a circular economy helps promote economic development, create jobs, and improve the well-being of people around the world. According to the EU forecast, by 2030, the net economic benefit of the circular economy can reach 1.8 trillion euros, which is equivalent to 7% of global GDP.

"I would like to quote a quote from Michael Braungart here-developing a circular economy is not to save the planet, but to learn how to flourish on this planet," Hong Anli said.


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