LED lights poor heatsink will makes which kind of problems

The most important part of an LED lighting fixture is the chip and heat dissipation, the good LED chip can bring more efficient luminous efficiency, and better luminous effect. And heat dissipation is a direct impact on the luminous stability of the lamp and product life. So how to make LED lighting has a better heat, has been the focus of technical.

LED lights poor heatsink will makes which kind of problems

Here we talk about the impact of LED lighting on the lighting. Mainly the following:

1, The direct impact, poor cooling directly lead to LED lamps to reduce the service life

As the LED lighting is the energy into visible light, which has a conversion problem, not 100% of the energy into light energy, according to the law of conservation of energy, the excess energy converted into heat. If the LED lighting cooling structure design is unreasonable, this part of the heat can’t be quickly removed, then the LED package size is relatively small, LED lamps will accumulate a lot of heat, resulting in reduced life.

2, Cause material quality decline

Usually electronic equipment for a long time, some materials will be easy to oxidation, with the LED lamp temperature rise, these materials repeatedly high temperature oxidation, quality will decline, life will be shortened. At the same time because the lamp switch, causing multiple thermal expansion and contraction, so that the strength of the material is destroyed.

3, Overheat caused by electronic device failure

This is a common problem of semiconductor heat, when the LED temperature increases, the electrical impedance increases, resulting in increased current, the current increases lead to heat rise, so the reciprocating cycle, more and more heat, and ultimately will cause the electronic components overheating damage, causing electrons malfunction.

4, Lamp material due to overheating deformation

LED lamps are composed of a number of parts, which different parts of the use of different materials, these materials are different thermal expansion and contraction dimensions, when the temperature rises, some of the material will be due to overheating expansion, bending. If the distance between adjacent parts is too small, both will produce squeeze, serious damage to the parts.

LED lamp cooling will produce so many problems, these components of the problem, will lead to the performance of the entire LED lamps down, life shortened, so LED cooling technology is an important technical problems. The future to improve the conversion rate of LED power at the same time, LED thermal structure design should be more effective, so that LED lighting out of the heat troubles.


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