Light show in Jixi County, Xuancheng, Anhui

Recently, the night view project of Renli Village, Yingzhou Town, Jixi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province was completed. The beautiful night view attracted many tourists to check in. As night falls, colorful lights and multi-functional projections decorate Renli Village in a colorful way, like a dazzling pearl on the Dengyuan River.

Light show in Jixi County, Xuancheng, Anhui

It is understood that Yingzhou Town has scientifically laid out supporting facilities such as sound, light and electricity in response to the characteristics of the "night tour" economy. Pay attention to new consumer demands, plan and introduce a number of night dining, night walks, night entertainment, night shopping, night reading, night shows and other projects, and regularly organize various night performing arts activities, such as concerts, drama performances, light and shadow shows, etc., to meet the needs of Tourists have diversified nighttime consumption needs.

Yingzhou Town will continue to improve the rural night scene, beautify the living environment, improve cultural taste, expand night activity space for tourists and residents, stimulate nighttime consumption, promote the development of rural cultural tourism, and help rural revitalization.


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