Meizu Lipro smart home officially released

According to news on January 5, Meizu Technology held an online press conference today and officially released the first phase of the Meizu Lipro smart home product-Lipro health lighting series.

Meizu Lipro smart home officially released

Meizu stated that there are many invisible hazards in modern lighting, such as missing spectrum, severe flicker, poor color accuracy, and blue light hazards. Most of the time we are exposed to light, we need sufficient soft and high-quality light sources to create a comfortable eye environment.

In terms of light source quality, the Lipro health lighting series is equipped with Ruranlight LED light source, which has the characteristics of high color display, natural spectrum, low blue light, and no visible flicker. Ruran Light has Ra97 ultra-high color reproduction, which can greatly reduce the blue peaks, and ensure that the light is healthier and softer.

The Lipro health lighting series released a total of eight products, namely: Lipro LED downlights, Lipro LED cabinet lights, Lipro LED strips, Lipro LED bulbs, Lipro LED foot lights, Lipro LED smart ceiling lights and Lipro drive power supplies, Lipro Two accessories of stepless dimming panel.

Lipro LED Cabinet Light

The Lipro LED cabinet light continues the Meizu classic design language. It uses aluminum alloy to create an ultra-thin lamp body. The Lipro LED cabinet light has built-in two different sensing methods. When the ambient brightness is below 10lux and the human body is detected, it will automatically light up. Or the user's palm can be lighted by swiping under the lamp body.

The Lipro LED cabinet light has two versions, wired power supply and battery power supply, and comes standard with attached magnets. The battery version has a battery life of 2000mAh. The official said it can provide up to 4 months of battery life. The battery uses a Type-C interface, which is convenient for charging at any time.

Lipro LED Smart Ceiling Light

The thickness of the Lipro LED smart ceiling lamp is only 2cm. The interior adopts a three-layer light guide structure. The light is diffused, guided and reflected through the diffusion layer, light guide plate and reflective layer to ensure brightness and improve light softness. Support Lipro Zhijia APP one-key setting, adjust brightness, adjust color temperature and other functions.

Lipro LED Anchor Light

The lighting parameters, illumination angle and distance from the ground of the Lipro LED footlight are 50lux, 68°, and 30cm respectively, which can avoid the discomfort of the user's eyes from looking directly at the light source at night. Active radar detection is matched with a 120-degree microwave sensor, which will automatically light up when it senses someone is moving.

In addition, Meizu will follow up with the launch of ‘Lipro Lighting Design Service’ for the lighting experience. Provide customized one-to-one solutions for home and business scenarios.

In terms of price, LED downlights start at 299 yuan, LED cabinet lights start at 199 yuan/wireless version at 269 yuan, LED strips start at 999 yuan (five-meter standard), LED bulbs start at 49 yuan, and LED foot lights start at 99 yuan. , The driving power is 249 yuan, of which the smart ceiling lamp and the stepless dimming panel will be listed in Q1 this year.


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