Only LED products meet the new standard of DLC gardening lighting

American LED lighting manufacturer MaxLite's new PhotonMax LED spotlight has been proven to be the first product to meet the new standard and is on the DLC horticultural qualification list (QPL).

Only LED products meet the new standard of DLC gardening lighting

With the rapid development of indoor farms and the legalization of marijuana cultivation in several American continents and Canada, the demand for efficient and effective horticultural lighting products is booming. In response to strong market demand, DLC publishes industry standards designed to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Utilities across North America are planning to use the new policy and the appropriate inventory of eligible products to determine which lighting products to use in energy efficiency programs to encourage DLC qualified agricultural customers.

In terms of product efficiency and life span, only LED products meet the new standard of DLC gardening lighting. To be included in the DLC's list of new horticultural qualified lighting products, an LED lamp must be at least 10 percent more efficient than a 1000-watt high-pressure sodium lamp (suboptimal).

The new policy reflects not only the pursuit of greater efficiency, but also a preliminary scientific understanding of plant lighting. As existing technologies continue to evolve, DLC is committed to updating standards every two years to meet more stringent standards. In addition, the initial QPL inventory and biennial updates are based on data generated by third-party certified test laboratories.

Products that meet the new requirements will be eligible for the DLC garden lighting logo.


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