Osram launches smart RGB LED for automotive use

The emergence of LED has changed the way lighting is applied, enabling the light source to be extremely small while showing color changes. It has also become the mainstream technology of lamps in the automotive field; ams OSRAM announced the launch of smart RGB LED product OSIRE for automotive interior lighting. E3731i can simultaneously control hundreds of RGB LEDs and can connect and communicate with any microcontroller with SPI through an open communication protocol.

Osram launches smart RGB LED for automotive use

OSIRE E3731i RGB LED has built-in driver and control IC, which can connect and communicate with microcontroller through SPI interface. At the same time, through the license-free OSP open communication protocol, any microcontroller with SPI interface can communicate with each OSIRE E3731i By sending commands and obtaining status, high-precision color calibration and temperature compensation can be achieved; at the same time, through the OSIRE E3731i and OSP protocols, each control chain can connect up to 1,000 LED lights in series and can be controlled by only a microcontroller.

OSIRE E3731i RGB LED co-packages RGB LED and IC. The IC includes 3 LED drivers, a serial bus interface supporting OSP, a temperature sensor and a built-in memory. Each OSIRE is calibrated during the production stage. The color brightness information of E3731i is stored in the built-in memory, so that multiple atmosphere lights in the car can accurately display the same optical consistency and uniformity.


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