Smart growth box equipped with LED lighting to grow perfect plants

For modern urbanites, planting some flowers on the balcony or window sill is a way to relieve the pressure of the soul, and also add a touch of verdant greenery to the home. However, the potted planting process is complicated and it is difficult to control the water volume. In view of this, the Canadian startup Grobo has developed an automated plant growth box to make cultivation easier.

Smart growth box equipped with LED lighting to grow perfect plants

According to technology media Futurism, the Grobo growth box monitors the growth status through different sensors. It can not only automatically adjust water, but also adjust light, temperature, humidity, and nutrients to grow perfect plants. The user only needs to replenish the small water tank once a week, and trim the flowers and plants slightly according to the instructions of the Grobo App.

The Grobo Smart Growth Box can grow any plant that fits 14x14x48 inches in size. The original design inspiration was to solve the difficulties faced by growing medicinal cannabis indoors.

The report pointed out that because it is a fully automatic smart hydroponics planting system, the smart growth box is also called a "plant world capsule machine". Although it is very convenient to use, users still have to add seeds, water and nutrients, and then select on the App Suitable "planting recipes", the rest of Grobo can be handled by one hand.

It is understood that the Grobo growth box is divided into two specifications, Solid and Premium, both of which have automatic nutrient addition, pH balance, and induction LED lighting. They are adjusted according to the different stages of the growth cycle and have all-weather environmental testing, including Water tank, carbon filter to eliminate odors, and ventilation equipment for air circulation.

Grobo Solid is made of metal, making the growth box look like an ordinary bookcase, which can be integrated into any room's style; while Grobo Premium windows and doors are made of liquid glass, you can change from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button, and give it when needed User privacy.

The current price of Grobo Solid is US$1,999 and Premium is US$2,199. If you are interested in growing high-quality plants at home and in private environments, these two high-tech planting systems can bring some fun to life.


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