The UK plans to spend 200 million pounds to repair emergency lighting

Recently, a 200 million (RMB 1.76 billion) fund plan to bring emergency lighting systems for public housing to the standard was officially launched.

The UK plans to spend 200 million pounds to repair emergency lighting

Last year, a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower apartment building in London, England, killing 72 residents. It is the largest fire in the UK in 30 years, raising concerns about the safety of fire safety in public places.

A recent survey showed that one third of the social housing buildings in England have inadequate emergency lighting. In an assessment of 1,584 buildings (40% of the UK), there were a total of 402 (36%) buildings with no emergency lighting or damage on the escape route. There are also other safety issues, such as broken fire doors, holes in walls on fire zones, no fire detection or alarm systems.

In this case, the project began.

The 200 million fund is part of the 2.4 billion fire safety procurement framework initiated by the Hyde Housing Association. The program will be open to public institutions in England and Wales.

The Hyde Fire Safety Engineering and Service Framework will cover a range of engineering, cargo and services related to fire safety, including everything from fire door supply and maintenance to sprinkler installation to cladding repair work. Lots of lots. Project No. 4 covers the supply, installation, disassembly and maintenance of emergency lighting.

Each plot will last for 4 years and it is expected that 2 to 10 bidders will be invited to participate in the tender. The company can submit bids for all batches.

The association will manage the value of money, supply market intelligence, strategic contract management, and purchase-payment process optimization. It will draft a list of preferred suppliers and establish a central contract database.

A procurement framework is an agreement with a supplier that provides options for ordering goods, services or engineering to other organizations in the public sector.

Emergency photo manufacturers, contractors and other suppliers must register by August 5th and are expected to invite the finalists to bid on August 18.

In the event of an emergency, emergency lighting plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and effective evacuation of personnel in the building, ensuring that firefighting and rescue operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently, and ensuring the safety of personnel at risk. Must be taken seriously.


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