LED lighting lit Sun Life Stadium

Eaton’s acquisition of Ephesus lighting company will newly renovated home of Miami Dolphins Sun Life Stadium offers LED lighting. Compared to previously installed systems, Eaton expects LED lighting system will reduce to 75% of electricity for lighting.

LED lighting lit Sun Life Stadium

“Miami Herald” published an article pointed out that as part of up to $ 425 million, “the Miami Dolphins stadium reconstruction project”, the lighting installation will install a sun roof in the offseason. The reconstruction project is expected to be completed in 2017.

Eaton said that compared to the previous lighting system, Ephesus lighting system many light. Advantages Ephesus lighting system further comprises: a low-glare surface more uniform light, and no warm-up time.

2014 Arizona Cardinals became the first use of LED lighting systems NFL team.

It is reported that the new ball Minnesota Vikings stadium under construction is also expected to adopt Eaton LED lighting.