HV LED chips to create high-efficiency lighting era

Traditional DC LED chips work at high current low voltage, to enhance the use of voltage, generally use integrated package (COB) structure, namely multi-chip series and parallel. Although the LED lighting applications still DC drive for the bulk, but the technology via AC / DC conversion after driving energy lighting, not only increases the cost of the application, but also increases the complexity of the product, and the overall energy efficiency is reduced.

HV LED chips to create high-efficiency lighting era

HV LED directly at the chip level to achieve a series-parallel micro grains to work in a low-current high-voltage, will simplify chip solid crystal, bonding quantity, packaging costs. HV is the formation of multi-chip integrated in the fine crystal particles per unit area, to avoid the inter-chip BIN wavelength, voltage, brightness, consistency and other problems caused by the span.

In recent years, LED lighting design simple and prefer light and thin, high-voltage chip and its flexibility, diversity and low cost and other advantages as optimistic about the market.

Compared with the traditional DC LED power chip, HVLED chip packaging with low cost, high efficiency warm white, driving high power efficiency, low line loss advantage. 1WDCLED a conventional drive chip 350mA, the voltage is about 3.4V, the voltage is set again 220V, need to use 60 to 70 chips, and the current reaches about 2 × 104mA, at room temperature which requires the use of a voltage adapter reduce the amount of current. And a chip HV current 20mA, voltage of 50V, the test constant voltage 220V, 4 ~ 5 chips, current 100mA or less, the transformer can be omitted, save costs and improve the consistency of the chip.

It can be seen, the same output power at high voltage LED power dissipation work is far lower than the low-voltage LED, which also means cooling aluminum housing costs can be greatly reduced. According to the current product, the manufacturing cost of high-voltage chip 10% to 30% less than the cost of low pressure.

High-voltage chip cost savings in many ways. High-voltage chip can not only reduce the cost of the peripheral driver circuits and transformers, but also save process costs. Further, since the step-down transformer low-voltage chips use the process will lose energy, high voltage chip is no energy loss can be further improved luminous efficiency.

With the technical problems of breakthrough high pressure chip market is expected to become the future mainstream chips, but its technical difficulty and craftsmanship itself has also made many companies daunting. However, with the popularity of reduced future, research and development costs of high-voltage chip, HVLED chip itself has a cost advantage of high voltage chip prices will also be further reduced.