LED Lighting: The Best ‘Atmosphere Group’ for the Winter Olympics

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the beautiful LED screen won people’s attention. In contrast, LED lighting-related products have become the behind-the-scenes heroes of all aspects of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and have played an important role in the guarantee and atmosphere of the event.

LED Lighting: The Best 'Atmosphere Group' for the Winter Olympics

The lighting difficulty of the Winter Olympics events was originally higher than that of the Summer Olympics – the events are played on ice or snow, and there will be reflections or overexposure. The lighting should fully consider the visual experience of the live audience and the viewing experience of the TV audience. Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) CEO Ianis Exarks said that the Beijing Winter Olympics used UHD and HDR technology for the first time, and used ultra-high-definition and high-dynamic-range 4K technology to shoot, produce and broadcast event programs. The stroboscopic indicators of lighting in the venues of the Winter Olympics put forward higher requirements.

On the basis of flexibility, high efficiency, and energy-saving, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the event, each venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics has customized a set of lighting solutions, which can meet the different lighting needs of various events such as event preparation, event execution, and awards.

For example, Signify is responsible for the design and supply of lighting systems for major Winter Olympics venues, including the Capital Gymnasium. As a competition venue for figure skating and speed skating, Capital Gymnasium adopts Philips LED sports lighting products and Interact Sports intelligent interconnected lighting system. Visual effects to create a better viewing experience. Its lighting products have high color reproduction and support flicker-free ultra-slow-motion playback, which can meet the stringent ultra-high-definition broadcast requirements of international events, and allow TV viewers around the world to experience clearer and more realistic events experience.

In addition, the arrangement of the lighting system on the snow project is also quite ingenious. “Snow Dragon”, the venue of the National Snowmobile Sled Center in the Yanqing Division of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has undertaken the “F1 Formula Racing” project in the ice and snow sports – the snowmobile sled race. In order to present this excellent track, the lighting supplier of “Snow Dragon”, Horsai, fully considered the glaring energy and glare effect of the white snow track, color rendering index reaches Ra≥90, R9≥45 or high-definition display index TLCI11 Qa≥85, a light source with light efficiency greater than 90lm/W, creating a light source with more uniform and transparent light, no flicker, low-temperature resistance, and uniform brightness as well as the “anti-glare green lighting system”, it has been certified by OBS, BSF (International Snowmobile Association), and FIL (International Luge Association), providing a comfortable competitive track for athletes from all over the world while meeting the broadcast of ultra-high-definition cameras need.