Lighting design case of Chaohongji Group Headquarters Building

The project is located on the central axis of the cultural landscape of Chaozhou Museum. It is adjacent to the Chaoshan Historical and Cultural Expo Center to the east and the inner bay of Shantou to the north, forming an opposite view to the core belt along the Beicheng coast.

Lighting design case of Chaohongji Group Headquarters Building

The project includes a headquarters office building, a business apartment and a commercial podium building, with a total construction area of approximately 71,827 square meters.

Our design ideas are derived from an in-depth understanding and appreciation of architecture. In this lighting design, we pursued the simple and generous aesthetic expression of the building, deeply studied the texture of the building curtain wall, carefully analyzed the changes in every detail, and used the most appropriate light to depict its temperament.

The lighting of the building tower is designed at three levels: the dynamic light of the texture, the power light of the grooves, and the contour light of the form. I hope to use the purest language to show the beauty of architecture.

The building facade adopts vertical linear light, which can better highlight the simple and modern texture characteristics of the building. The linear light in the static state presents a steady and majestic visual effect, like a wise man with both strength and ambition; the linear light in the rhythmic state is like a happy elf, jumping, flashing and flowing, showing a smart and vitality. Kernel.

In the expression of architectural grooves, we pay more attention to details and strive for the accuracy of each light position to show the delicate texture of architectural materials and create unique light and shadow effects.

The design uses a 20° wall washer for illumination, hiding the lamp on one wall close to the interior of the building, and illuminating the walls on both sides through the principle of secondary light reflection, reflecting the sense of space in the building.

Light is an emotional expression of architecture. We are committed to letting the building exude its own unique lighting language through light design, allowing people to feel the power and beauty of the building in the interweaving of light and shadow.