Wuwei, Gansu Province improves urban lighting level and lights up residents’ happy life

At the end of August this year, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Minqin County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province started the renovation and upgrading work of Suwu Cultural Plaza, mainly on the original severely damaged facilities and equipment such as paving, curb stones, lighting, convenience seats, and warm reminder signs. Comprehensive renovation. At present, all renovation tasks on the west side of the square have been completed.

Wuwei, Gansu Province improves urban lighting level and lights up residents' happy life

Recently, the reporter came to Suwu Cultural Square and saw that the place had a completely new look. The newly renovated floor tiles were smooth and beautiful, and the green lawns on both sides were full of vitality. But the most eye-catching thing was the ancient city wall that had been renovated and renovated.

With the lighting of the ancient city wall outline lights and floodlights, the lighting renovation project of Suwu Cultural Plaza was successfully completed. The lighting colors of the ancient city wall are based on elegant colors such as blue and warm white, which give the ancient city wall a classic color and also vividly express the thickness of the ancient city wall. In accordance with the principle of “seeing light but not seeing lights”, this renovation project was carefully designed in terms of the color of the wire trough, the placement position, and the type of light source. At the top of the city wall, outline lights are used to illuminate the outer outline of the city wall. At the bottom of the city wall, warm white lights are used to highlight the unique charm of the ancient city wall. Under night lights, the ancient city wall has a realistic shape, clear patterns, and a strong three-dimensional effect. Looking from a distance It is more majestic, taller and has clear layers. The light and shadow of the walls, buildings and trees combine with the tranquility of the ancient city, making people feel like they are in a colorful ancient painting, like a dream.

At the beginning of the lanterns, residents came here in twos and threes for recreation and entertainment. Some of them were taking a leisurely walk, and some of them gathered together to chat about home affairs… Everyone’s faces were filled with happy smiles. The most eye-catching thing is the various dance teams in the Cultural Square. They either hold up oil paper umbrellas or hold fans and dance to the cheerful music. The increasingly perfect lighting project lights up the night in the county, and the bright street lights illuminate the happy life of the citizens.

“After the renovation is completed, it can effectively improve the construction quality of Suwu Cultural Plaza, beautify the urban living environment, optimize the spiritual outlook of the county, create high-quality leisure and entertainment venues for the people of the county, and continuously enhance residents’ sense of belonging, gain, and happiness. It also contributes to the steady advancement of urban renewal actions.” said the deputy director of the Minqin County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.