Surrounding areas catch up “city street lights”

This is not an era of complacency. Overhead lighting capital of China’s aura, southern town of town. In the past few decades, no industrial base in the context of creating a global profile industry. However, these glory is slowly being swallowed surrounding the rise of a powerful enemy.

Whether it can glory or continue the miracle? Perhaps, this is not who should have the final decision. Who really mastered the initiative in the market, who is the real lighting capital.

Surrounding areas catch up "city street lights"

Xiaolan: LED industry build aircraft carrier

In a few days, an LED China Kyushu City, located in Zhongshan city street lights city, will usher in the grand opening. From the outset of this project will be trying to shock “China’s most” project, in a difficult stage of investment, finally it will demonstrate in front of the entire industry.

LED China Kyushu City project, a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, it covers an area of nearly 200 acres and a building area of ​​40 million square meters, which is Zhongshan City, “second five” major construction projects, and also in Guangdong Province modern industry 500 strong (Zhongshan) project –  an important part in Xiaolan LED industry technology service system.

The entire project from the outset positioned to take high standards: set exhibition and trade, R & D, product testing, brand incubator, industry Expo, headquarters services, tourism, commercial facilities, warehousing, logistics, personnel training ten functions in one, semiconductor lighting industry as the breakthrough point, trying to create a “national lighting industry base” and “new Light of Life.”

Such a huge scale is extremely rare to see in Zhongshan lighting industry. Even in the town’s numerous lighting current complex, compared with this, it still stretched. While in the LED carrier gradually emerging behind the Siu Lam government vowing to create economic growth by means of city street lights accelerator determination.

As the most famous professional town, Zhongshan, Xiaolan still have high visibility to outsiders. However, many people know that relying on the original underwear, locks and other industries, it has been difficult in the current rapid development of high-tech industry to continue to develop. To this end, the LED industry was to be seen the prospects.