Four important national lighting standards will be implemented from May 1, 2023

On the occasion of the World Standards Day on October 14, 2022, the following four important national standards under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Lighting Electrical Appliances will be released, and the implementation date will be May 1, 2023.

Four important national lighting standards will be implemented from May 1, 2023

01 .GB/T 19258.1-2022 Ultraviolet radiation sources for sterilization – Part 1: Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps

GB/T 19258.1-2022 “Ultraviolet radiation sources for sterilization – Part 1: Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps” replaces GB/T 19258-2012 “Ultraviolet germicidal lamps”, which regulates the relevant technical indicators of low-pressure mercury vapor discharge ultraviolet lamps And test methods, to guide and standardize the current market of double-ended, single-ended or self-ballasted ultraviolet germicidal lamps with various categories and different quality levels.

As a normative reference standard for the mandatory national standard GB 28235-2020 “Sanitary Requirements for Ultraviolet Sterilizers”, this standard effectively supports the implementation of the mandatory standard and serves the needs of prevention and control work such as the new crown epidemic.

02 GB/T 41787.1-2022 Ceiling mount interface for indoor LED lighting equipment Part 1: Specification for mechanical interface and electrical interface

GB/T 41787.1-2022 “Indoor LED Lighting Equipment Ceiling Installation Interface Part 1: Specifications for Mechanical Interface and Electrical Interface”, based on the patented technology of my country’s lighting enterprises, specifies the installation interface of indoor ceiling mounted LED lighting equipment, mainly involving the installation interface mechanical and electrical requirements, including terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, marking, test methods, etc.

The implementation of this standard will effectively meet the needs of household consumers to easily and quickly replace common household lighting equipment such as ceiling lamps, and conform to the development trend of the lighting market led by consumption.

03 GB/T 42064-2022 General lighting equipment-Flicker characteristics-Light scintillation meter test method

GB/T 42064-2022 “Light Flicker Test Method for Flicker Characteristics of General Lighting Equipment” regulates the objective test method for the flicker characteristics of lighting equipment, and actively responds to consumers’ pain points about light flicker consumption in lighting. The test evaluation provides a fair and objective test evaluation basis. The stroboscopic phenomenon that consumers are generally concerned about is actually two aspects of “flicker” and “stroboscopic”. At present, “General Lighting Equipment – Stroboscopic Effect – Objective Test Method” has also been put on the committee’s standard project development agenda.

04 GB/T 24825-2022 DC or AC Electronic Control Gear for LED Modules Performance Specifications

GB/T 24825-2022 “Performance Specifications for DC or AC Electronic Control Devices for LED Modules” regulates the performance requirements of control devices used with LED modules. The application of LED as a lighting technology in the field of lighting has brought about changes in product form. First, the sub-categories of light sources such as LED modules have been added. With the deepening implementation of the green and low-carbon strategy, LED modules, as a typical product supporting resource conservation, will continue to highlight the importance of their market development. The control device for LED modules, as an important power supply component of LED modules, the implementation of this standard has a good standard and guiding role for the development of my country’s LED lighting market.