LED Plant Farm Produces Vegetables and Provides Heat

Plantagon, a Swedish food technology company, has released an office building design called “Plant Building”, and plans to build the first such magnificent indoor farm + office building in Linkoping, shetland, Sweden. Due to the unique business model of this farm, the urban farmers who cultivate here do not need to pay any rent at all, because the heat energy generated by the farm is enough to pay the amount.

LED Plant Farm Produces Vegetables and Provides Heat

The Plantagon underground farm, like other indoor farms, will grow plants in buildings with LED lighting. But the difference of Plantagon is that the heat generated by the lighting in the original room is usually discharged from the room to prevent the plants from overheating, but the Plantagon directly collects the heat and stores it in the building’s thermal energy storage system, which can assist office buildings. people keep warm in winter.

The way this underground farm collects heat energy is to use the water pipes passing through the LED lights to store heat energy in the water and then lead it to the heat pump system. This thermal energy storage system will allow the building to save 700,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which is equivalent to saving three times the rent of the basement. In addition, the carbon dioxide produced in the office will also be discharged to the farm, and the fresh oxygen produced by the farm’s fruits and vegetables will be sent back to the office workers.

“The building owner agreed to let us pay rent for three years, so we don’t have to pay a dime for the basement right now,” said Hans Hassle, co-founder of Plantagon. “For urban farmers, if you really want to To grow vegetables and fruits in cities, we must find novel business models to make the food less expensive.”

The company plans to sell fruits and vegetables directly to office workers in the same building and two restaurants in it; about 1/3 of the production will be sold to nearby grocery stores, and the delivery process is close without consuming any petroleum fuel ; The other 1/3 of the production will be sold in the shop in the building.

“In Sweden, people are more interested in locally grown food than in organic food,” says Hassle. “People usually want to know where the food comes from.”

Hassle adds that if a piece of organic lettuce is shipped hundreds, or even thousands of miles, to the store, it could have a higher environmental footprint than lettuce grown on a local indoor farm.

Plantagon plans to open 10 underground farms in Stockholm within the next three years, starting with buildings already equipped with underground heat pump systems. The preparatory team is also discussing with local energy companies the possibility of selling the remaining thermal energy to other buildings in the area.

In Linkoping, a city 2 hours away from Stockholm, the company is planning to expand its underground farm into a 16-story “plant skyscraper”. In addition to the production of fruits and vegetables in the entire building, 2/3 of the space will be rented out for office use to maintain stable operations. The program is expected to be implemented in 2020 or 2021.

Another similar indoor farm project by Plantagon will also be implemented in Singapore. In this country that lacks arable land, most of the crops are imported from neighboring countries, like Malaysia, and when countries like Malaysia have less and less irrigable land and more and more people, Singapore has begun to be concerned about what can be done within its own territory. Plantagon urban farms that grow food generate interest. Similarly, some cities in China where it is difficult to get enough food have also started to discuss cooperation with Plantagon.

The company is raising funds on the crowdfunding platform FundedByMe to build its first farm. Hassle wants the initiative to reach as many people as possible, not just for financial reasons, but because he believes every citizen needs to be an active shareholder in urban agriculture.

“For us, food production is different from running other businesses. Food is like water. It is part of human rights,” Hassle said. “So we have a greater social responsibility and responsibility for the environment. This is the reason what we actively invite people to own some equity is because everyone should contribute.”

Add LED lights to pedestrian crossings in suburban Paris

The traffic in Paris, France, has always been famously congested, not only the number of cars but also the pedestrians and bicycles. Especially at a certain intersection, there are more people and vehicles vying for the road. Earlier, the government piloted a traffic safety device in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, which involved adding “ground LED lights” guidelines at traffic light intersections. It is estimated that the effect is extremely significant.

Add LED lights to pedestrian crossings in suburban Paris

This intersection is located at a crossroad outside Porte de Sèvres. Because of the car lane plus the light rail and the subway terminal, there are many people and vehicles, and it is always very busy. There are LED lights on the ground on both sides. As long as the green light for pedestrians is on, the LED lights will follow to turn green, and if it is red for pedestrians, it will turn red. The original intention of this move is to remind pedestrians who often bow their heads and play with their mobile phones, even if they keep their heads down, they pay attention to the lights. Later, a ground light was added to remind vehicle drivers to be careful of pedestrians (there are cars passing by like a pedestrian green light). Due to the positive response after the trial, the government is considering implementing it in Paris and the whole country to improve traffic and reduce accidents.

Taitung County Sanminguo Primary School replaced more than 200 sets of LED lamps

In addition to making Sanmingu Primary School a “Green Light Primary School”, all the T8 lighting fixtures used in the current classrooms have been replaced with environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED fixtures to create a high-quality learning environment and improve the learning efficiency of schoolchildren. The local life fighter Power Angel is also invited. Sharing life stories and bringing good songs moved all the children, teachers, and volunteers to the scene. Through the sharing of life fighters, children were encouraged to move forward bravely and learn to face life with an optimistic and positive attitude.


On the day of the activity, the volunteers specially arranged an environmental education course to learn about environmental protection labels through interactive games. The enriched activity content made every student gain a lot. They taught the children to care for the earth with practical actions. At the same time, they prepared many Christmas gifts to warm The hearts of the children, and let all the schoolchildren participating in the activity have a good memory.

Long-term commitment to the implementation of environmental sustainability policies. Since 2017, the “Green Light to Spread Love” sustainability plan has been launched to actively assist social welfare organizations and rural schools lacking resources to replace old energy-consuming lamps. So far, it has assisted 26 social welfare organizations Institutions and rural schools have improved lighting and installed 6,021 sets of LED lamps. It is estimated to save about 530,000 kWh of electricity per year, saves about 2.11 million yuan in electricity bills, and reduce carbon emissions by about 293 metric tons of CO2e; this project has also won customers and suppliers With the affirmation and recognition of the businessmen, we generously sponsored some lamps, responded to the charity and public welfare together, and created a bright and energy-saving living environment for social welfare organizations and rural schools.

Zhejiang’s first smart city road unveiled in Yinzhou District, Ningbo

The intelligent road of Yinxian Avenue uses smart street light poles as the main carrier, equipped with various sensing devices such as video, radar, and environmental monitoring, to create an accurate sensing system for all elements such as infrastructure status, traffic operation status, and meteorological environment, and for all time and space. In addition, the smart road of Yinxian Avenue will also comprehensively use new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and digital simulation technology to create a digital model of all elements of an indefinite smart road, connect the physical world and the information world, and realize Urban traffic simulation deduction, data-driven decision-making, empowering smart urban traffic governance.

Zhejiang's first smart city road unveiled in Yinzhou District, Ningbo

As the first smart city road in Zhejiang, where is the wisdom of Yinxian Avenue smart road?

Smart lighting: multiple poles in one to purify the space, and create a “smart twin platform” to achieve intelligent management and control.

Aiming at the problems of high energy consumption, high management cost, and poor user experience of street lamps, through the intelligent lighting transformation of the section from the east of Yinxian Bridge to Qianhe, which is about 3.4 kilometers long, integrating various poles such as street light poles, traffic poles, and monitoring poles, Integrate the original 652 rods into 288 rods, reduce the rod rate by more than 55.8%, comprehensively save energy by 40% to 60%, and implement the mode of “multi-box integration”, “multi-network integration” and “multi-head integration” to purify the road space. At the same time, through the combination of the control system and the “smart road digital twin platform”, real-time monitoring of street lighting status and power usage data, the precise location of street lighting failure points, the initial judgment of failure causes, and overall improvement of street lighting and maintenance efficiency.

Smart parking: the integrated management model creates a city model of “unattended” and “collaborative intelligent management”.

At the Jinyu intersection of Yinxian Avenue (next to Yinzhou No. 2 Hospital), a parking-integrated management system based on full video is built, integrating parking services, charging services, sharing services, law enforcement and evidence collection, and more than 20 parking spaces, creating unattended parking management And non-contact law enforcement models, through non-inductive payment, stop-and-go payment and other means, improve the parking experience of citizens, reduce parking parade time, alleviate parking problems, and reduce traffic carbon emissions.

Smart transportation: precise control of holographic road sections, and create an interactive travel experience.

1. Build holographic road sections to achieve precise control

A holographic road section will be built on the 0.7-kilometer section from Ningnan Road to Tiantong Road. Through the setting of Leishi fusion sensing equipment, high-definition video comprehensive information collector and intelligent AI spherical camera, the 150-meter distance between the main road intersection and the surrounding motor and non-motor vehicle lanes can be realized. Full coverage, through high-precision detection of traffic flow parameters and traffic behavior, realize early warning of traffic incidents, illegal evidence collection, target tracking and trajectory replay, provide data support for road traffic control, and realize remote quick fixes for accidents and automatic signal optimization, helping Traffic safety prevention and control and congestion management.

2. Create a smart bus station to enhance the interactive experience

Carry out intelligent transformation of two bus stops in front of Huamao School on Yinxian Avenue and at the southeast corner of Ningnan Intersection, realize real-time release of bus arrival information, weather conditions, public welfare publicity and other information, and set up station safety monitoring, cooling spray, etc. functions to enhance citizens’ public travel experience.

3. Build smart devices to provide accompanying smart public travel services

With smart street light poles as the main carrier, it is equipped with various equipment such as LED information screens, wireless broadcasting, one-key help, WIFI hotspot charging piles, etc. to provide citizens with full-service travel and create an interactive travel experience. At the same time, the non-motor vehicle illegal parking monitoring equipment is deployed based on the intelligent multi-functional pole, the existing public bicycle rental points and non-motor vehicle parking points are intelligently transformed, and space positioning systems such as electronic fences are set up to optimize the sharing of bicycles and electric bicycles. Parking order, effective purification of road pedestrian space.

Fluence and BioLumic partner to provide UV LED light treatment for plant growing

Fluence, a provider of LED plant lighting solutions, announced a partnership with BioLumic, a plant growth biotechnology company. It is reported that BioLumic uses ultraviolet light (UV) to sustainably improve plant yield, health, and quality through its Light Signal Recipes. (light signal formulation platform technology).

Fluence and BioLumic partner to provide UV LED light treatment for plant growing

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will cooperate to provide plants with BioLumic’s UV light signal through Fluence’s LED lighting solutions.

According to reports, BioLumic’s patented technology can use ultraviolet photomorphogenesis to trigger biological changes in seeds and seedlings, ultimately significantly optimizing plant performance.

The company’s proven UV Light Signal Recipes? (ultraviolet light signal formulation platform technology) can greatly improve plant yield, and achieve desirable plant traits and vigor, while also activating the plant’s natural resistance to disease and pests.

It is reported that Fluence’s lighting system will provide BioLumic’s dynamic UV light treatment during the reproduction stage of plant production, and through one light treatment, benefits can be generated throughout the plant growth cycle.

Combining solutions from BioLumic and Fluence, growers are able to reap high plant yield gains, increase cannabinoid levels and improve overall plant quality while reducing plant cycle variability.

Fluence and BioLumic will initially collaborate with selected cannabis cultivation partners while industrializing the UV commercial delivery system to enhance Fluence’s end-to-end product offering in 2023.

BioLumic CEO Steve Sibulkin said BioLumic’s Light Signal Recipes? platform technology allows growers to better utilize UV lighting to improve plant growth and gene expression without the need for significant cost or chemicals. Through this cooperation, BioLumic will accelerate the development of the optical signal platform, and Fluence will gain more opportunities to enter the global horticultural market, while strengthening its horticultural lighting product portfolio.

Art gallery lighting enters the industry standard research stage

Recently, the mid-term results report seminar of the cultural industry standard research project “Research on Art Museum Lighting Quality Evaluation Method and System” undertaken by the National Museum of China was held in the National Art Museum of China. The art museum lighting industry standard has once again aroused heated discussions in the industry.

Art gallery lighting enters the industry standard research stage

With the diversified development of society, today’s museums and art galleries must not only satisfy the public’s appreciation and research but also need to demonstrate professional ethics with universal standards around the world. More and more professionals and teams are participating in the construction of museums and art galleries. Among them, the lighting design that determines the light environment and space art effect of the museum is also particularly important.

The data shows that with the free opening, the number of national art museums has risen from more than 90 to more than 430 at present, entering a new round of rapid growth period. Therefore, the management of lighting quality in art galleries in my country should be strengthened, and the scientific operation of lighting should be standardized. It is imminent to ensure the quality of public services of art museums and the safety of cultural relics. The research team of “Research on the Method and System of Art Museum Lighting Quality Evaluation”, led by experts, investigated 3 museums and 39 representative art museums in 11 provinces and municipalities for two and a half months. Lighting quality is evaluated. According to the survey, 32% of the museums currently invest more than 5 million yuan in lighting, 38% of 1 million to 5 million yuan, 12% of 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, and 18% of less than 500,000 yuan.

The survey evaluated the light environment of the exhibition space (permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition) and non-display space (lobby hall, corridor and auxiliary space) of the art museum, and collected data on the visual physiological and psychological impact of different sample groups on different light sources. Through the survey, it was found that the audience had a poor sense of texture clarity and psychological pleasure in the lighting space of the permanent exhibition exhibits, while for the temporary exhibition, they felt that the three-dimensional expressiveness of the exhibits was weak and the artistic appeal of the light environment was poor. Through audience research, data collection, expert evaluation and in-depth research of five laboratories in the next stage, that is from the collection of various light source technical indicators, glare simulation experiments, visual physiological and psychological experiments, light quality experiments, and light-induced damage experiments, further Improve the evaluation index system.

It is understood that art galleries, museums, universities, research institutes and lighting companies have fully participated in the research. Through the two-way consultation of supply and demand, improve various technical requirements, and give necessary guidance to the production of enterprises, so as to realize the professional development of the art museum lighting industry. The participating experts also hope that the research results can further promote the development of related undertakings and play a positive role in the protection of cultural relics, lighting research and personnel training.

Street lighting in Pubei Yi Nationality Township, Yimen County, Yuxi, Yunnan

The Yi’egao Highway is the main traffic artery in Pubei. There is a large flow of vehicles and people along the way, and there are many openings in the villages, which brings safety hazards to passing vehicles and pedestrians. In order to further reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the travel safety of the masses, the Party Committee and the government of Pubei Township took the initiative and coordinated with multiple parties to install 100 solar street lamps in accident-prone places such as village openings and major traffic intersections along the Yi’egao Highway. A series of work such as the restoration of damaged and deformed road signs have ensured that the roads along the Pubei section of the Yi’egao Highway are brighter at night and the driver’s sight is clearer.

Street lighting in Pubei Yi Nationality Township, Yimen County, Yuxi, Yunnan

“In the past, there were no street lights, and people basically didn’t go out when it got dark. Now that the street lights are installed and the road signs are clearer, the safety of our villagers traveling at night is more secure. Thank you for the practical things the government has done for us.” Pu Yang Jianyun, a resident of Bei Community said.

“Small street lamps” support the “big people’s livelihood”, and the “posting” of street lamps not only improves the public lighting infrastructure, but also provides bright road lighting for vehicles and people passing through the road section at night, and the sense of security and happiness of the people is continuously improved.In the next step, while Pubei Township is improving the construction of lighting facilities in this section, it will also do a good job in daily patrol and maintenance, and actively create a good environment for the masses to travel at night.

The lighting renovation of the first batch of myopia prevention and control classrooms in Zhangzhou primary and secondary schools was completed

The reporter recently learned from the Zhangzhou Education Bureau that as of now, the first batch of 2,631 myopia prevention and control classroom lighting renovation tasks in Zhangzhou’s primary and secondary schools have been completed on schedule. Among them, 10 municipal schools including Zhangzhou No. 1 Middle School, Minnan Normal University High School, Zhangzhou No. 3 Middle School and 410 classrooms were renovated, and a total of 5,179 eye protection lamps were replaced to create a healthy light environment for students and prevent students from myopia.

The lighting renovation of the first batch of myopia prevention and control classrooms in Zhangzhou primary and secondary schools was completed

It is understood that in order to protect the eye health of young people, last year, the lighting renovation project of myopia prevention and control classrooms in Zhangzhou primary and secondary schools was included in the provincial and municipal practical projects for the people. The transformed smart eye protection lamps have strict regulations on correlated color temperature, color rendering index, blue light hazard level, strobe, etc. The average illuminance requirement for classroom lights is 300lx, and the average illuminance for blackboard lights is 500lx. According to the arrangement of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the municipal party committee and the municipal government for private practical projects, in 2023 Zhangzhou City will also transform the lighting of a number of myopia prevention and control classrooms

How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light

It is very important to choose a suitable LED plant growth light, here are some suggestions for choosing LED plant growth lights:

How to Choose the Right LED Grow Light

1. Choose according to the needs of plant growth. Different plants require different spectra at different growth stages, so when choosing LED plant growth lights, the appropriate spectrum should be selected according to the growth needs of the plants.

2. Consider light intensity. When choosing LED plant growth lights, light intensity should be considered to ensure that plants can get enough light to improve growth speed and quality.

3. Consider the power and area of the lamp. When choosing LED plant growth lights, the power and area of the lamps should be considered to ensure that the lamps can cover all parts of the plant, thereby improving the growth efficiency of the plants.

4. Choose high-quality products. When choosing LED plant growth lights, choose high-quality products with better performance and longer service life, which can reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

5. Choose the right price. When choosing LED plant growth lights, you must consider the price and choose a product that suits your budget.

In short, when choosing LED plant growth lights, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as plant growth needs, light intensity, lamp power and area, product quality, and price, and choose the product that suits you.

Shanghai Jing’an District Sculpture Park night scene lighting will be upgraded soon

According to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance, the Jing’an District Sculpture Park, as the only special sculpture park in the center of Shanghai, completed the reconstruction project of the Beijing West Road area of the Sculpture Park on September 29, 2022. open.

Shanghai Jing'an District Sculpture Park night scene lighting will be upgraded soon

For citizens who come to the park at night, there are still some problems in Jing’an District Sculpture Park, such as the lack of lighting for some sculptures and signage, and insufficient lighting in places where citizens gather. In order to better present the night lighting effect of the park and enhance the nighttime play experience of the citizens, Jing’an District Greening and City Appearance Administration have started the design of the lighting scheme of Jing’an Sculpture Park. The landmark of the Greenland Park in the central city of Shanghai, creates a high-quality night lighting display area.

The lighting design of Jing’an Sculpture Park is based on highlighting sculptures and integrating them with nature. Through the overall space of light and dark balance and the creation of an artistic atmosphere, it creates a natural, romantic, elegant and leisurely nighttime where people sit together while talking and laughing. environment

The entire lighting project will upgrade the original lighting facilities and lighting system of the park:

Improve and increase functional lighting, add street lights, and set up night-time guiding facilities such as fluorescent guide signs;

Add landscape lighting that simulates natural light, and use lights to add interest to night park landscaping. Especially for the unique sculpture works in the park, the existing municipal lighting facilities will be skillfully used, and floodlights will be added to highlight the artistic sculptures, forming an artistic light and shadow atmosphere. For example, by adjusting the lighting angle and parameters, the light casts the texture of the hollow sculpture to create a sense of distinct texture, so as to increase the interest of viewing the artwork at night.

It is worth mentioning that some citizens have reported that the lights in the sculpture park are wrapped around the trees. It is not beautiful to look at the trees during the day, and they are also worried that they will cause damage to the growth of plants. In this sculpture park lighting renovation plan, this problem will also be solved. By making full use of the existing facilities and increasing the combination of garden lights and floodlights on the ground, “seeing the light but not seeing the light” will be realized, creating a quiet and artistic atmosphere. The immersive micro-dynamic light and shadow atmosphere.