LED Lighting: The Best ‘Atmosphere Group’ for the Winter Olympics

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the beautiful LED screen won people’s attention. In contrast, LED lighting-related products have become the behind-the-scenes heroes of all aspects of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and have played an important role in the guarantee and atmosphere of the event.

LED Lighting: The Best 'Atmosphere Group' for the Winter Olympics

The lighting difficulty of the Winter Olympics events was originally higher than that of the Summer Olympics – the events are played on ice or snow, and there will be reflections or overexposure. The lighting should fully consider the visual experience of the live audience and the viewing experience of the TV audience. Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) CEO Ianis Exarks said that the Beijing Winter Olympics used UHD and HDR technology for the first time, and used ultra-high-definition and high-dynamic-range 4K technology to shoot, produce and broadcast event programs. The stroboscopic indicators of lighting in the venues of the Winter Olympics put forward higher requirements.

On the basis of flexibility, high efficiency, and energy-saving, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the event, each venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics has customized a set of lighting solutions, which can meet the different lighting needs of various events such as event preparation, event execution, and awards.

For example, Signify is responsible for the design and supply of lighting systems for major Winter Olympics venues, including the Capital Gymnasium. As a competition venue for figure skating and speed skating, Capital Gymnasium adopts Philips LED sports lighting products and Interact Sports intelligent interconnected lighting system. Visual effects to create a better viewing experience. Its lighting products have high color reproduction and support flicker-free ultra-slow-motion playback, which can meet the stringent ultra-high-definition broadcast requirements of international events, and allow TV viewers around the world to experience clearer and more realistic events experience.

In addition, the arrangement of the lighting system on the snow project is also quite ingenious. “Snow Dragon”, the venue of the National Snowmobile Sled Center in the Yanqing Division of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has undertaken the “F1 Formula Racing” project in the ice and snow sports – the snowmobile sled race. In order to present this excellent track, the lighting supplier of “Snow Dragon”, Horsai, fully considered the glaring energy and glare effect of the white snow track, color rendering index reaches Ra≥90, R9≥45 or high-definition display index TLCI11 Qa≥85, a light source with light efficiency greater than 90lm/W, creating a light source with more uniform and transparent light, no flicker, low-temperature resistance, and uniform brightness as well as the “anti-glare green lighting system”, it has been certified by OBS, BSF (International Snowmobile Association), and FIL (International Luge Association), providing a comfortable competitive track for athletes from all over the world while meeting the broadcast of ultra-high-definition cameras need.

Problems that China’s LED lighting industry will encounter in 2022

(1) Overcapacity accelerates consolidation within the industry

The rapid growth of domestic LED output value has also brought about overcapacity in the industry as a whole. The overcapacity further accelerates the integration and de-capacity in the industry and promotes the growth and development of the LED industry in the fluctuation. In the field of LED epitaxial chips, the pressure of destocking leading enterprises is increasing, and the excess capacity is transferred to low-end products, resulting in fierce competition in the general-purpose LED chip market and a continuous decline in prices. Small and medium-sized LED chip companies have compressed production capacity or even shut down, which indirectly reduces the market demand for LED front-end equipment. In the packaging field, affected by the continuous release of LED packaging capacity and the continuous reduction of profits, the packaging prices of small and medium-power products have dropped significantly, and the prices of high-power devices have also shown a slight downward trend. It is forced to develop in the direction of customized light source characteristics. In the field of LED applications, the profits of traditional general lighting continue to shrink. Large enterprises with strong design capabilities, master channel resources, and brand advantages are also affected and forced to turn to emerge fields such as LED displays. Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly difficult to survive.

Problems that China's LED lighting industry will encounter in 2022

In 2021, the global LED industry’s willingness to invest will decline as a whole under the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Under the background of Sino-US trade friction and the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the automation process of LED enterprises has accelerated and the industry’s intensive integration has become a new trend. With the gradual emergence of overcapacity and thinning profits in the LED industry, international LED manufacturers have frequently integrated and withdrawn in recent years, and the survival pressure of my country’s leading LED enterprises has further increased. Although my country’s LED enterprises have recovered their exports due to the transfer substitution effect, in the long run, it is inevitable that my country’s export substitution to other countries will weaken, and the domestic LED industry is still facing the dilemma of overcapacity.

(2) Price fluctuations caused by rising raw material prices

In 2021, the prices of products in the LED industry will continue to rise. Relevant domestic and foreign companies such as GE Current, Universal Lighting Technologies (ULT), Leyard, Unilumin Technology, Mulinsen, etc. have raised product prices many times, with an average increase of about 5%, of which the price of very few products in short supply has increased by as much as 30%. The fundamental reason is that the price of LED products fluctuates due to rising raw material prices. First of all, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the supply chain cycle of the global LED industry has been blocked, resulting in rising raw material prices. Due to the tension between supply and demand of raw materials, upstream and downstream manufacturers in the industry chain have adjusted the prices of raw materials to varying degrees, including upstream and downstream raw materials such as LED display driver ICs, RGB packaging devices, and PCB sheets. Secondly, affected by the Sino-US trade friction, the phenomenon of “lack of core” has spread in China. Many related manufacturers have increased their investment in research and development of products in the fields of AI and 5G, which has compressed the original production capacity of the LED industry, which will further lead to rising raw material prices. . Finally, due to the increase in logistics and transportation costs, the cost of raw materials has also increased. Whether it is lighting or display areas, the trend of rising prices will not subside in the short term. However, from the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, rising prices will help manufacturers optimize and upgrade their product structure and increase product value.

(3) There are more repetitive investments in emerging fields

Due to the relatively scattered distribution of LED industry investment across the country, there is a problem of repetitive investment in emerging fields. For example, Mini/Micro LED display technology has excellent characteristics such as high brightness, high integration, high refresh, and flexible display, and has become a new generation of display technology recognized by the industry after OLED and LCD. Mini/Micro LED display products are in the stage of explosive demand, and the broad market prospect makes Mini/Micro LED a hot investment. For example, Ruifeng Optoelectronics raised about 700 million RMB for Mini/Micro LED technology research and development projects, Huacan Optoelectronics is expected to invest 1.5 billion RMB for Mini/Micro LED research and development and manufacturing projects, Leyard, Epistar, Lijingwei Electronics jointly launched the first Micro-LED Research Institute in China. Although new production line projects for Mini/Micro LED have been launched, many technical difficulties such as mass transfer and repair, driving, and color conversion have not been effectively solved, and key materials and equipment are still facing the problem of “stuck neck”. There is uncertainty about the influx of various types of social capital, guiding funds and industrial funds into this field. To solve these problems, not only professional investment is needed to lead, and the upstream and downstream industries will be driven to achieve linkage, but also key links need to be fulfilled. Make up for shortcomings.

LED will be the core of plant lighting

According to the data, LED as a light source of plant lighting has many advantages such as high photoelectric conversion efficiency, easy spectrum control and combination, small size, long life, and low energy consumption compared with traditional light sources.

LED will be the core of plant lighting

In 2021, the global demand for plant lighting LED lamps is 3.2 billion US dollars and will reach 7 billion US dollars by 2026. The global plant lighting system-level market in 2017 is only about 3.8 billion US dollars; in 2027, it will rapidly increase to 17 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 16%; the LED device level market is only US$100 million in 2017, and will expand to 700 million US dollars in 2027; The compound growth rate reached 21%.

In addition, with the improvement of LED light efficiency, the continuous reduction of costs, and the domestic and local policy support for digital and modern agriculture, Guosheng Securities said that the future LED plant lighting solution will solve the problem of limited land resources and unstable climate. It plays an important role in the influence of sexuality, and there is huge room for development.

The input-output ratio of LED plant lighting becomes the focus of the terminal

The recognition and acceptance of LED plant lighting technology by terminal planters has reached a high level, and their willingness to use LED plant lighting is also becoming stronger and stronger, however, the initial investment of LED plant lighting is relatively high, and the input-output ratio has become the main concern of terminal growers.

The input-output ratio of LED plant lighting becomes the focus of the terminal

ENELTEC pointed out that in the application scenario of plant lighting, electricity bills account for the highest proportion of customer expenditures. Therefore, the current difficulty of promotion focuses on how to balance the contradiction between short-term cost increase and long-term benefit release.

ENELTEC pointed out that LED plant lighting has broad prospects. In addition to emerging products, traditional planting manufacturers will also use LED to replace traditional lighting. However, the one-time investment of LED plant lighting is high, and the yield period is long, which has become the main concern of farmers.

In addition, ENELTEC also pointed out that currently, the main market for LED plant lighting is overseas, which is affected by many factors such as cost, planting area, crop maturity period, and local environment. But at the same time, the domestic market is also gradually developing. In the future, with the progress of LED technology and people’s unremitting pursuit of quality, the domestic market will be gradually developed.

Hongli Zhihui also expressed its views on the unbalanced development of horticultural lighting in the domestic and overseas markets.

According to reports, plant lighting is developing in the direction of specialization, efficiency and intelligence, but high-quality LED plant lighting manufacturers are mainly concentrated in foreign countries, and the layout of domestic manufacturers is not very obvious. On the one hand, the domestic plant lighting industry is in the early stage of development, and the products are still mainly exported from low-end products; on the other hand, it is due to the problems of low input-output ratio and expensive output products in domestic plant factories. The main obstacle for LED enterprises to develop plant lighting.

In addition, the absence of industry standards is also a problem that needs to be solved urgently in the promotion of plant lighting.

Li Deda believes that the establishment of plant lighting industry standards will play a very important role in the standardization of the plant lighting industry and the guidance of technical directions, which can avoid enterprises going in the wrong direction and reduce the waste of social resources. In addition, the establishment of industry standards can also enhance the trust of end users in horticultural lighting products, thereby accelerating the use of horticultural lighting fixtures in the downstream planting market.

Ruifeng Optoelectronics also pointed out that plant lighting is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive technical field, and the industry lacks unified standards. At the same time, compared with conventional lighting, plant lighting needs to be combined with the actual needs and usage scenarios of customers. A reasonable and efficient solution is actually verified and the import cycle is also longer.

There is no doubt that the establishment of standards in the LED plant lighting industry will help promote the orderly development of the entire plant lighting field, but the establishment of industry standards cannot be accomplished overnight.

ENELTEC believes that it is difficult to formulate standards that are conducive to the development of the industry before society has a sufficient understanding of a new industry. The formulation of standards is a dynamic process that needs to be formulated when the industry develops to a certain extent. And once it is found that there is a lagging problem in the standard, it needs to be revised in time to keep it forward-looking.

Tainan Anping Installed LED Strobe Lights

There is a lot of traffic in Anping District, Tainan City. In order to reduce the occurrence of car accidents, the police installed solar LED flashing warning lights at the intersections that are prone to accidents or dimly lit curved roads this month. If drivers see the red and blue warning lights at the intersection while drive, that is, you will slow down, pay attention to the surrounding traffic conditions, and pass the intersection safely.

Tainan Anping Installed LED Strobe Lights

There are many agencies in Anping District. Tainan City Government, City Council, Tainan District Court, and Election Committee are the Tainan Municipal Operation Center. There are Anping Port and Anping Industrial Zone in the south, and the Science and Technology Zone in the north. There are many people commuting to get off work on weekdays. During regular holidays or consecutive holidays, Anping Castle, Eternal Golden City, Yuguang Island, and Anping Old Street will attract a large number of people and vehicles.

According to statistics from the Tainan Police Fourth Branch, there were 1,231 traffic accidents (A1+A2) involving injuries in Anping District from January to November this year, most of which occurred on Anping Road, Anbei Road, Zhonghua West Road, Minquan Road, Yonghua Road, and Huaping Road. , Qingping Road, Jianping Road, Yuping Road and Jiansan 3rd Street, etc., the major causes of the accident were “failure to give way to the car, fail to maintain a safe distance, and turn without compliance with regulations”.

In view of the repeated occurrence of traffic accidents in some sections of the road, 36 sets of solar LED strobe warning lights were donated by the Tainan Police 4th Sub-Bureau Jingyou Station. The solar LED strobe lights are LED red and blue strobe warning lights powered by solar photovoltaic panels, which automatically after dark. Turn on the flashing lights so that the driver can detect it from a distance, slow down and pay attention to intersection conditions.

Gan Yanmin, director of the sub-bureau, said that the sub-bureau has set up flashing lights at the intersections and road sections that are prone to accidents, such as curves, fast speed, and dim vision, so as to improve the safety of driving in intersections and sections, and can effectively deter the public’s mentality of being lucky and breaking the rules, so as to help the police. We are committed to playing the role of “silent guardian” at night. We hope that people who come to Anping for sightseeing or pass by Anping will be more alert and slow down when they see the “LED Solar Strobe Light”.

Quality lighting illuminates the rise of the nation

The Monument to the People’s Heroes was built in 1993. It is a “red” landmark building in memory of the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Shanghai in 1840. In the shape of the building, the three optimistic pillars rising from the ground are like speechless monuments, remembering the immortal martyrs who sacrificed gloriously during the Opium War, the May Fourth Movement, and the War of Liberation.

Quality lighting illuminates the rise of the nation

In the lighting renovation of the building, for the irregular shape of the tower, Signify chose high-quality high-power CK ColorReach floodlights and designed three beam angle combinations. This product’s precise optical control and professional color management technology evenly illuminate the towering tower, showing an excellent red lighting effect.

Signify’s CK ColorGraze linear wall washer is evenly illuminated under the viewing platform of the building. Through asymmetric optical design and professional color management technology, perfect color presentation is achieved, reflecting the unique beauty of the building at the same time, red light three different lighting modes are perfectly matched to evoke the reminiscence of the heroic deeds of the martyrs in various historical periods by citizens and tourists, and welcome the centenary of the founding of the party with a brand new look.

In addition, because the memorial tower is located on the bank of the Huangpu River, it is always in a humid environment and exposed to wind, sun, and rain. It has extremely high requirements for lamps. The CK series lamps selected by Signify have a high protection level, escorting the high-quality and perfect landscape effect of the landmark building at night.

Hong Kong introduces smart street lighting system

The 10th Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair ended on the 9th. During the exhibition, the Highways Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government revealed that 400 smart street lights will be introduced next year.

Hong Kong introduces smart street lighting system

The 4-day Lighting Fair was hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. More than 1,350 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions gathered at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center to showcase various lighting products. The organizer also arranged a number of conferences and forums for the industry.

Ye Guoliang, the chief engineer of the Street Lighting Department of the Highways Department of the SAR government, said at the “Asian Lighting Conference” held during the exhibition that the SAR government will start in 2019 and spend three years introducing a multi-functional smart street lighting system. Zhong, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, as well as Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwun Tong, and Kai Tak installed about 400 smart street lights. This will be an important step in Hong Kong’s development into a smart city.

Ye Guoliang said that smart street lights can collect real-time city information, such as real-time road conditions, measurement data, air pollution index, etc. He believes that a smart city is not a purely technological concept, but should be more convenient for citizens’ lives, which requires the use of Internet of Things technology. At present, there are 220,000 street lights in Hong Kong, which can be used to cooperate with the development of the Internet of Things.

According to reports, the design of smart street lights is not much different from ordinary street lights currently used in Hong Kong, but smart street lights use LED bulbs, with an antenna on the top to connect to the Internet and different sensors inside. Engineers can remotely switch or dim smart streetlights, and monitor in real-time whether streetlights need repairs or bulb replacements. Ye Guoliang said that the use and replacement of LED bulbs can reduce power consumption by 30%, and the optimization of light and shade adjustment methods is expected to further save power consumption by 20%.

Panasonic releases 79 LED lighting fixtures for auditoriums

From April 1, 2021, Panasonic Corporation Living Solutions, Inc. (Panasonic) will release a total of 79 product numbers for 3 types of auditorium LED lighting fixtures that can be dimmed from 0 to 100% with aesthetic and smooth fading properties. Wide range of products for smooth dimming of uniform light. Not only the auditorium of cinemas and halls but also the spaces that require meticulous fading, such as movie theaters and hotel banquet halls, are produced with high quality.

Panasonic releases 79 LED lighting fixtures for auditoriums

In the past, most of the lighting fixtures in theater auditoriums used halogen lamps as light sources to achieve fine and smooth dimming. In July 2012, Panasonic released two energy-saving LED downlights for auditoriums. Since then, we have expanded the range of products to pursue long life and high efficiency while improving dimming characteristics, aiming to realize dimming characteristics that can be used in production spaces.

By changing the control method, the new product improves fader follow ability and enables smoother lighting. There are many types of downlights, there are universal downlights, linear, and 3 types, which can be used in a variety of spaces. The dimming range is 0 to 100%, the same as halogen lamps, and we also have a lineup of full dimming types with a high color temperature (4000K) that cannot be achieved with halogen bulbs. Since multiple lighting fixtures can be neatly arranged and dimmed, the entire space can be produced in high quality. The universal downlight has a variable light distribution function, and the light distribution can be fine-tuned on the spot.

Panasonic started in the business of large-scale dimming equipment in 1968 and has supplied lighting equipment to numerous theaters and studios. In theatres and halls, we have delivered around 1120 theatres and we also offer theatre design support using VR (for a fee). In addition, at the theater, the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011 triggered the revision of the 2016 notification of the new technology standard for specific ceilings, in response to the fall of the ceiling caused by earthquakes, etc., and entering the impact. Even now, the theater is planning earthquake-resistant retrofits, including ceilings. When decorating the ceiling, the lighting fixtures are often replaced at the same time, and Panasonic will meet such needs.

Baoshan Town LED solar street light project completed

Recently, the LED solar street light project in Baoshan Town, Xuanwei City was completed and the street lights were on, fulfilling the wishes of the villagers for many years.

Baoshan Town LED solar street light project completed

Since the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, Baoshan Town’s Beigu Village has solicited opinions from villagers to effectively solve the problem of road lighting between villages, formulated plans with the village task force and village representatives, and initiated the beautiful village construction work mechanism, and held villages successively. The “two committees” meeting, party member meeting, and village representative meeting will unify opinions and formulate plans. Finally, through the “Four Discussions and Two Disclosures”, it was decided to invest in the installation of 52 LED solar street lights. The director of the supervision committee that participated in the installation introduced to the author: “In order to spend less money to do practical things, it took Gucun for nearly a month to run around the surrounding manufacturers, and also through the network inquiries, went to the factory for on-site inspections. Only then has the most cost-effective supplier been determined.”

When night comes, the street lights are especially bright against the surrounding dark wilderness. Looking at the brightly lit country roads not only makes the villagers feel warm, but also fulfills the wishes of the villagers for many years. The street lights are on, the villagers laugh, and the street lights illuminate. A beautiful new life in the ancient village.

Replacement of LED lights in rural primary schools

On December 14th, World Energy Conservation Day, ENELTEC used examples to combine 2050 net-zero carbon emissions current events to root the concept of energy-saving and carbon reduction in children in rural areas and let the protection of the earth start from an early age.

Replacement of LED lights in rural primary schools

In response to the threat of extreme climates to mankind, 128 countries around the world have announced that they will achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 to slow climate changes. Energy-saving and carbon reduction have been the primary issue for the semiconductor industry to promote environmental sustainability in recent years. ENELTEC Precision has initiated power-saving measures as early as 2007 and introduced the ISO 50001 energy management system in 2013 to continue to improve energy efficiency in production and plant equipment.

According to ENELTEC’s statistics, in 2020, the total electricity saved is 28,179 thousand kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to 14343 metric tons of carbon emissions, which is about the carbon absorption of 37 Daan Forest Parks. At the moment when it is urgent to save the planet, move towards net zero and start from low carbon to zero carbon.

ENELTEC Precision adheres to the sustainable spirit of social mutual benefit and has been paying attention to rural schools for 14 consecutive years. During the epidemic in June of this year, half of the children in helping Elementary schools had to attend school due to various factors, but the lack of computers affected their learning. Enertec quickly donated brand new tablets to the school within 3 days to solve the learning problems of classmates.

But at the same time, ENELTEC found that the campus had insufficient lighting. Therefore, the first stop of the campus LED lamp replacement plan was selected at Heping Elementary School. The replacement work was selected during the off-campus teaching period, except for the removal of old lamps and maintenance. Electric power lines, and then install new LED lamps and adjust the lighting direction according to the plan.

Zhuang Qinjie, Director of ENELTEC Precision Environmental Safety and Health, said that in order to protect children’s eyes, LED lights with high efficiency, high economic efficiency, and high environmental protection have been selected, which not only significantly reduces power consumption, reduces electricity costs and carbon emissions, but also has a long life. Longer length can reduce the frequency of replacement, and more importantly, it does not contain toxic chemicals or toxic gases, which effectively reduces the burden on the environment when it is discarded.

Zhan Zhenghong, Director of Academic Affairs of Heping Elementary School, said that the traditional lamps are changed to LED lights, and it is obvious that the classrooms are much brighter than before. Students read books and no longer have insufficient lighting. The teacher even took this opportunity to introduce energy-saving and reduction to the students. The important idea that carbon can also protect the earth, the students happily smiled.

ENELTEC stated that the replacement of campus LED lights is a long-term plan. In the future, it will give priority to rural elementary schools as its service objects and will work with professionals to investigate the activity classrooms, art classrooms, libraries, restaurants, and archives of the school’s main activity areas for students. The lighting conditions of the school, and plan the replacement of lamps and lanterns together with the school.