The lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway has entered the lighting commissioning stage

On September 20, good news came out from the Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway lighting project. After intense early construction and preparations, it has now successfully entered the lighting and commissioning stage. This means that before the National Day, Nanchang City will add another dazzling night scene landmark to create a safer and better lighting environment for highway drivers and passengers traveling at night.

The lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway has entered the lighting commissioning stage

It is reported that the special lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway is one of the top ten livelihood projects in Nanchang. The project is located in the G6001 Nanchang Ring Expressway Lewen Section Interchange to Tacheng Interchange Section under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou Management Center. The entire line is long about 48Km, including 7 hubs and interchanges along the line, as well as the addition of lighting facilities on the main line bridges.

The project uses advanced LED lamps, intelligent control technology and cable anti-theft terminal technology. At the same time, during the construction process, the best lighting solutions were customized for roads, bridges and ramps. Among them, the street lights of the main line section are set in the middle section, using 300w double-arm LED lamps with a spacing of 36 meters and a lamp height of 12 meters; the interchange hub ramp road lights are set on one side outside the dirt shoulder, using 150w single-arm LED lamps with a spacing of 36 meters, 25 meters, the lamp is 12 meters high.

With the unremitting efforts of all members of the project department, the countdown to project construction tasks has gradually begun. The implementation of this project is not only an important measure to improve the urban quality of Nanchang, but also a reflection of Franshion’s active fulfillment of social responsibilities. In the next step, the project department will continue to do the finishing work to provide a safe and comfortable driving environment for highway drivers and passengers.

The first flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights in China was officially put into operation at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

After two months of trial operation, the flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport was officially put into operation on September 1. As the second phase of Baiyun Airport’s high-mast lighting system renovation project, this system achieves the “intelligent + energy-saving” effect by linking the high-mast lighting control system and flight information, which is the first of its kind in any airport in the country.

The first flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights in China was officially put into operation at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

After the new system is put into operation, combined with the first phase of the high pole lighting system renovation project, the annual power consumption of the high pole lights at Baiyun Airport will be reduced from 7.89 million kilowatt hours to 2.37 million kilowatt hours, and the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 70%.

The renovation of Baiyun Airport’s high pole lighting system involves a total of 178 high pole lights in the airport. As a “big energy consumer” in the flight area, the apron high pole lights have the original lighting start-stop mode of full on and full off, and the original halogen lamps are always on. If it is too long, it will easily lead to high failure rate and high maintenance costs. Baiyun Airport relies on the innovation studio to connect elements such as front-end lighting data collection, aircraft position operation information feedback, and control system linkage to achieve intelligent flight information linkage control.

Linkage control based on flight information system

This transformation connects the high-mast light intelligent management and control platform with the airport flight information system data. By reading the corresponding flight information data, such as flight number, parking space, real-time arrival time, real-time departure time and other information, you can completely while ensuring the operating illumination of the aircraft stand, flight-linked management and control of the high-mast lights is carried out to maximize the energy-saving effect.

Intelligent dimming technology based on the Internet of Things

This renovation applied the Internet of Things intelligent dimming technology, which can intelligently and smoothly adjust the illumination of the high pole lights according to the actual use needs of the aircraft. At the same time, it can group the combined aircraft and allocate multiple sets of combined illumination given values. While ensuring the safety of the illumination of the machine position, the energy-saving space is maximized.

Illumination control based on flight area site

This renovation uses illumination sensors at four different locations in the renovation area to detect real-time illumination values in the flight area. Multiple interlocks control the switching and dimming of the high pole lights to ensure that the aircraft can automatically perform control operations of the high pole lights according to weather conditions.

Technology application based on multiple security mechanisms

Safety is the lifeline of civil aviation, and operational safety in flight areas must always be given top priority. This transformation adopted multiple safety assurance mechanism technologies, including back-end system security mechanism, control network security mechanism, on-site control security mechanism, dimming failure safety mechanism, etc., to ensure that the backup mode can be activated in time in the event of a failure and to ensure normal lighting in the flight area.

Hengyang City Street Lamp Management Office takes multiple measures to promote smart lighting business

Enter the stage of high-quality development in the new era, and promote green and low-carbon circular development. Saving resources and protecting the environment are the requirements of the times. How to solidly promote the green transformation, implement the Party Central Committee’s decision-making deployment, and the key tasks of ecological civilization construction with the spirit of nailing nails. The Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office conscientiously implements Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, pays attention to ecological environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and takes multiple measures to promote the development of green lighting.

Hengyang City Street Lamp Management Office takes multiple measures to promote smart lighting business

Green lighting puts energy-saving and environmental protection first: In order to improve lighting quality, the promotion of energy-saving lighting sources for Hengyang street lamps started early. In 2012, LED light sources were widely used to replace traditional high-energy-consuming sodium lamps or metal halide light sources. Renovation, and gradually realize the full coverage of high-quality green light sources. The Street Light Management Office always puts green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection first. In the review of lighting design and construction drawings, it is clearly required to use energy-saving light sources and standardize the way of connecting lines to realize the control of the lighting time and energy-saving mode of lighting switches for some lines. Make full use of the urban lighting intelligent monitoring and control system, timely adjust the opening and closing time of the city’s lighting control according to seasonal changes, implement a system of timing and classification of turning on and off lights, and implement the lighting of urban main and secondary arterial roads at intervals and according to the situation. During the summer and winter peak seasons of electricity consumption, actively respond to the power-saving initiatives issued by the functional departments of governments at all levels at the provincial and municipal levels to save unnecessary electricity consumption. Urban lighting consumes a lot of energy, and the street lamp management office can adjust it in time. Under the premise of ensuring the people’s production and living lighting needs, rationally adjust the lighting time and lighting method of street lights, “open at intervals or half open” depending on the situation of the road section, strictly control decorative landscape lighting, and strengthen the management of advertising electricity consumption, etc. , to ensure the necessary lighting, so as to save energy and reduce consumption to the greatest extent.

The use of LED light sources greatly reduces the line load, which has higher requirements for the measurement and control accuracy of lighting automation monitoring equipment. In recent years, the Street Lamp Management Office has upgraded urban lighting control facilities. According to the operating years of the facilities and the current lighting control needs, with the goal of reducing emissions and improving lighting control effects, the urban lighting control upgrades have been promoted in an orderly manner. First of all, upgrade the 4G full Netcom monitoring equipment to the street lamp monitoring equipment without 2G signal in some urban areas, and reserve 5G interface at the same time. It solves the problem that the field equipment cannot be monitored in real time due to unstable signals in the past. Carried out leakage protection and monitoring on crowded urban roads, flood-prone, and leakage-prone lighting control points, installed 156 power supply line leakage monitoring terminals, realized 24-hour real-time monitoring of line leakage, ensured safe operation of facilities, and eliminated leakage the safety accidents caused, the leakage loss is avoided, and the travel safety of the common people is guaranteed. Install 20 video monitoring points for urban landscape lighting, buildings and buildings on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, and accurately monitor the lighting effect of landscape lighting on both sides of the Xiangjiang River and road sections. The upgrading and transformation of the control system has realized the purpose of more scientific monitoring and smarter management of street lamps, and greatly improved the efficiency of urban lighting management in our city.

Focus on building a “scientific, precise, and long-term” facility management and protection mechanism. Refine the management and protection measures of facilities, quantify the maintenance indicators of facilities, strengthen the maintenance quality assessment indicators, strictly assess the quality, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, improve the level of maintenance management, and keep the lighting rate of street lights stable at more than 99%. While doing a good job in daily street lamp maintenance, the Street Lamp Management Office regularly conducts special inspections and rectification of lamp appearance and appearance, intensifies the inspection of facilities, timely checks and repairs damaged facilities, and ensures that the lighting facilities are beautiful, tidy and intact, and the lighting power supply of street lamps reliability rate. Regularly organize and carry out special investigations of all street lamps and lighting facilities in the city. For specific problems in the investigation process, set time, set standards, and assign responsible persons to carry out rectification within a time limit, sort out one by one and follow up in time, grasp the implementation of rectification, and continuously improve urban lighting infrastructure to ensure the lighting rate and facility integrity rate. Replace the damaged street lamp parts found in the inspection in a timely manner, correct the inclined light poles, and clean up the “psoriasis” on the lighting facilities to ensure that the urban lighting facilities are clean and beautiful. Carefully repair the street lights in the back streets and alleys, actively respond to the concerns of the citizens, and take every appeal of the citizens seriously, so as to respond in a timely manner, respond quickly, and implement them in place, so as to provide considerate and high-quality services for the residents.

Hengyang was honored to obtain the special funds for housing and urban-rural construction to build a pilot project of “multiple poles in one smart light pole”. A breakthrough in the construction of “light pole”. This project is the first pilot project in prefecture-level cities in the province, and there is no template for reference. For the street lamps, the construction section of “Multipoles in One Smart Lighting Pole” is located in Xianfeng Road, Yanfeng District; this section is located in the commercial, cultural and economic center of the old city of Hengyang City, and it is an old road section, and most of the road facilities have no corresponding information. There are many management units involved in the rod body, and it is difficult to coordinate. “Multiple poles in one” needs to integrate multiple functions such as communication base stations, road lighting, and road indications on the original road section. The construction of combined poles and multi-purpose poles, but the street lamps are working hard to overcome many difficulties. Try first and be solid the project has been pushed forward and has won the cooperation and support of various management units to complete the project. Created a new model of smart light poles with Hengyang’s regional characteristics, and simultaneously built a multi-functional smart light pole operation management and control platform in Hengyang City to realize linkage with urban smart applications such as smart urban management, smart security, and smart transportation.

The person in charge of the Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office said: In the future, we will continue to promote the construction of smart lighting, complete the construction of road lighting and landscape lighting in an orderly manner, promote urban management to be scientific, refined, and intelligent, and implement energy-saving priority policies to achieve green and low-carbon, standardized lighting, highlighting green lighting, smart lighting, and humanistic lighting. Actively promote the high-quality development of Hengyang City’s lighting industry, light up every light for Yancheng with heart and soul, fully meet the needs of the citizens for a better life, and contribute the power of “light messengers” to create a national civilized city.

The demand for LED lighting will drive the output value of LED chips to rebound throughout the year

According to research TrendForce, last year the LED chip market fell due to both volume and price, and the global output value dropped by 23% annually to only US$2.78 billion. This year, with the recovery of LED lighting demand, it is expected to further drive the return of LED chip output value to 2.92 billion. million dollars, an annual increase of 5%.

The demand for LED lighting will drive the output value of LED chips to rebound throughout the year

The survey pointed out that last year, the global demand for LED terminals declined significantly, and the LED lighting, LED display and other markets continued to slump, resulting in a decrease in the utilization rate of the upstream LED chip industry, an oversupply in the market, and a continued decline in prices, which also led to a 23% drop in annual output value. .

However, starting this year, the application of LED commercial lighting has recovered the fastest. From the perspective of the supply side, the LED lighting industry has entered a low period since 2018, causing some small and medium-sized players to withdraw, and other traditional lighting supply chain players also turned to display and other high-margin industries. The development of the market has resulted in reduced supply and low inventory levels.

Therefore, some LED manufacturers have raised prices recently, and the main price increase items are concentrated on lighting LED chips. 5%; Special sizes can increase up to 10%.

According to TrendForce’s survey, current LED supply chain players generally have a strong willingness to raise prices. In addition to the fact that more companies are interested in raising prices, some LED chip manufacturers are fully loaded with orders, and the items to be raised are also expanding to reduce losses. , while actively reducing low-margin orders.

According to TrendForce’s analysis, the main global suppliers of LED lighting chips are concentrated in China. In recent years, as the industry reshuffle has intensified, some international players have been forced to withdraw from the LED lighting chip market. Chinese LED chip manufacturers have also reduced the proportion of lighting chip business, and most of them remain in the market suppliers, its LED lighting chip business has been in a state of loss for a long time.

Shandong Liaocheng installs lighting facilities to improve pedestrian safety at night

Crossing the overpass with the light of the surrounding street lights, turning on the flashlight of the mobile phone for illumination… These are no longer necessary. With the completion of the lighting upgrade of the overpass from Guandao Street-Jincheng Square, Gaotang County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, the safety of citizens passing through the overpass has been greatly improved.

Shandong Liaocheng installs lighting facilities to improve pedestrian safety at night

The installation of overpass lighting facilities carefully considers the installation angle of lamps and the brightness of light sources, etc., to avoid glare and light interference, so as to ensure the passage of vehicles under the bridge and pedestrians on the bridge. The renovation of the overpass is still working hard on safety, and a warm reminder of “electric danger, no climbing” is set up on the railing of the upper bridge. “We think more and do more, and the citizens will be safer and more convenient.” Relevant staff express.

The lighting project in Yanhu District, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province lights up the way for residents to go home

Since the launch of the special campaign to enhance grass-roots governance capabilities through party building, Jinyang Community, Dongcheng Street, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province has continued to practice the concept of “I do practical things for the masses”, further promote the improvement of the community’s living environment, and improve the happiness of residents sense and security.

The lighting project in Yanhu District, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province lights up the way for residents to go home

It is reported that there is no lighting at the entrance of Jinfengyuan Community, and the road cannot be seen clearly at night. After learning about the needs of residents, the Party branch of Jinyang Community immediately conducted on-site research, formulated plans, and started to carry out special work on street lamp installation.

Up to now, a total of 5 street lights have been installed in this special work, and the lighting project of the Jinyang community has been completed, ensuring the safe travel of the masses.

When night falls, rows of street lights quietly light up on the roads of the community, not only illuminating the way for residents to return home but also illuminating the road to happiness for grassroots governance in the Jinyang community.

6 night scenes in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou will usher in lighting upgrades

As the Asian Games are getting closer and closer, in order to make the city night more colorful and continue to polish the golden card of Hangzhou night scene, Shangcheng District Urban Management Bureau gradually improves the quality of urban landscape lighting, and comprehensively does a good job in the construction of urban night landscape for the Asian Games.

6 night scenes in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou will usher in lighting upgrades

Recently, the Urban Management Bureau of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, after preliminary investigation and current situation research, will conduct a comprehensive inspection of Shangcheng Textile City, Jianfeng Building, Shangcheng 1157, Zhejiang Textile Group, the People’s Bank of China and Shangcheng Sports Center Comprehensive Hall and Tennis Hall in Shangcheng District. On the basis of the current situation, the lighting will be improved, so that the overall level along the elevated road and the area will be richer and fuller.

This lighting upgrade adheres to the concept of “green, smart, frugal, and civilized”, supplements facade lighting, optimizes some lamps, and improves the overall building without night scene lighting, and incorporates it into the “one knife” smart lighting platform. Construction on the project began in early June and is expected to be completed by mid-July.

In-depth segmentation of LED smart home brands

In addition to traditional lighting companies and smart lighting companies, smart home brands also frequently appear in the smart lighting field, such as Oribo, Lumi, and so on. The reason why smart home brands continue to penetrate the field of smart lighting is not without reason.

In-depth segmentation of LED smart home brands

First, smart lighting is an important part of smart homes, and smart home brands can’t miss it. Nowadays, consumers’ acceptance of smart homes continues to increase, and the development trend of smart homes is improving, smart lighting is an important part of smart homes. Naturally, smart home brands will not give up this field. According to data from the China Smart Home Industry Alliance (CSHIA), smart lighting occupies a large market share in smart homes, reaching 16%, second only to home security. In this context, it is only natural for smart home brands to continue to make efforts in the field of smart lighting.

Second, the smart lighting products launched by smart home brands are easier to interconnect with other products of their own. Previously, with the influx of players from all walks of life into the smart home field, the brands and types of smart home products are also increasing. However, due to the different brands, it is difficult for smart home products of different brands to be interconnected. The home experience is also limited and incomplete.

Nowadays, more and more smart home brands are developing in the direction of whole-house intelligence in order to bring consumers a smarter and more comfortable smart home experience. The smart lighting products launched by the smart home brand are more closely connected with other smart home products of the brand, and it is easier to realize the linkage and interaction of the equipment. The stability and intelligence can be higher, and the user’s smart home experience can also be improved promote.

Third, smart home brands are continuing to improve the matrix of smart lighting products to meet the diverse smart lighting needs of users. Due to differences in user room types and habits, their requirements for smart lighting products are also different. Therefore, smart home brands are constantly improving the matrix of smart lighting products. For example, in the field of smart lighting alone, Oribo has launched a variety of smart lighting products. It is understood that Oribo has launched 8 categories, a total of 150 smart lighting products, and has successfully become the industry’s first in the subdivision track of “smart aimless lights”.

LED colorful lights applied in full-color LED light strips

The so-called LED full-color light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC flexible circuit board or PCB hard board, which is named for its product shape like a strip. Both the full-color LED light strip and the magic light strip can control the changes of tricks such as single-light horse racing, running water, window opening, meteor chasing, and chasing. Any color can be displayed, and can be combined into any pattern at will, especially when it is made into a light bar screen.

LED colorful lights applied in full-color LED light strips

Both the full-color LED light strip and the magic color marquee light strip have rich and bright colors, high visibility, and visual appeal. It is widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, entertainment venues, bar backlights for wine cabinets, ceiling backlights, LED light box light sources, LED luminous signs, aquarium supplies, car decoration, etc. It is a new alternative to traditional neon lights, fluorescent lights, and lamps A generation of lighting sources.

Full-color LED light strips are more and more popular among consumers because of their energy-saving features, many patterns, dazzling changing effects, high brightness, reasonable price, wide application environment, and simple installation. Throughout the industry, everyone’s name or name for the full-color light strip is not uniform. The professional name is that the full-color LED light strip is also called the LED magic light strip.

Compared with the general light strips in the market, this product mainly has an extra driver IC on the FPC board. At the same time, there are certain standards for the copper requirements during the board manufacturing process. If the copper is not used properly during the manufacturing process, will seriously lead to product instability, so the convention is that the board requirements for full-color LED lights with 12V 30 lights will be above 2A copper on double-sided boards. 144 lights generally need to be above 2.5A copper.

LED full-color light strips and LED full-color light strips are generally universal, and both refer to flexible light strips; but magic light strips specifically refer to flexible light strips, that is, the light strips that use FPC as the circuit board. The light bar includes two kinds of soft light bar and hard light bar. One is to use FPC as the circuit board, and the other is to use the hardboard as the circuit board. The general standard of voltage used is DC 12V voltage, and some use 24V voltage. There are also custom-made ones, available for 6V and 9V. The common standard for light strips on the market is to use 12V voltage.

The lighting renovation of ordinary classrooms in Zhejiang Province reached 97% of the standard

Recently, the Zhejiang Educational Technology Center issued the “2022 Statistical Analysis of Educational Technology Equipment for Ordinary Primary and Secondary Schools in Zhejiang Province”.

The lighting renovation of ordinary classrooms in Zhejiang Province reached 97% of the standard

The “Statistical Analysis” pointed out that in 2022, the total investment in educational technology and equipment for ordinary primary and secondary schools in the province will be 5.952 billion yuan, a decrease of 518 million yuan from 2021, a year-on-year decrease of 8.01%.

“Statistical Analysis” also pointed out that from the perspective of the total investment in educational technology and equipment in ordinary primary and secondary schools in the province, from 2018 to 2022, the total investment has exceeded 5 billion yuan for five consecutive years. However, affected by factors such as the epidemic, fiscal austerity, and growth in demand from other sectors, the total investment in 2022 will decline compared with previous years, but the decline will be small. From the perspective of investment structure, investment in information technology equipment is still the main investment, in order to ensure online teaching under the epidemic situation, accelerate the improvement of regional education informatization level, improve the “bottom” of education modernization, and promote the quality and balance of urban and rural education.

According to the data, after the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education promulgated the “Technical Specifications for Eye-protecting Lighting Retrofit Projects in Primary and Secondary Schools”, all localities actively standardized the implementation of eye-protective lighting renovation projects in primary and secondary schools, explored and promoted intelligent lighting in classrooms, and created a teaching environment that is conducive to the comprehensive prevention and control of myopia. Guarantee the healthy development of students. 97% of the province’s ordinary classrooms have met the lighting standards, and 58% of the ordinary classrooms are equipped with intelligent lighting.