Eneltec has installed about 200,000,000 LED Lighting Products by more than 500 different models for 1450 projects in 155 countries, you could find all the information of these LED Projects here.

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ENTL-140W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Mexico

Country: Mexico

On Febuary 22nd, 2012, one of Eneltec's customers from Mexico purchased 18 pieces of LED Tunnel Lights

ENTL-80W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Serbia

Country: Serbia

On April 2nd, 2012, one of Eneltec's customers from Serbia purchased 22 pieces of LED Tunnel Lights, which helped him to abroad the marketing of LED lighting

ENTL-120W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Norway

Country: Norway

The customer from Norway wants to test the function of explosive proof of LED Tunnel Lights, so he purchased 8 pieces LED tunnel lights installed in the Shell Gas Station in the year of March,2nd 2012.

ENTL-100W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Australia

Country: Australia

LED Tunnel Lights is to aim at solving the issue of long time using of lighting, huge demand for lighting. ENTL-100W-02 build automatic control system. 

ENTL-60W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Spain

Country: Spain

This project is used in the Tunnel. The customer purchased 388 pieces of LED Tunnel Lights on the year of January 2nd 2012.

ENTL-120W-02 LED Tunnel Lights in Jerusalem

 Country: Israel

The project was installed in the Tunnel.In the beginning, the customer wants us to do the design of lighting system in the tunnel according to European standard

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Rotterdam

 Country: Netherlands

In the Oldehove Parking Lot, they used to install 36W fluorescent tubes, the energy cost for the whole Parking Lot is a hugh number.

ENLT-T8150SMD-01 LED Tubes in Seattle

Country: USA

As a modern city, Seattle has a big demand for led lighting products like LED Down Lights, LED Street Lights and LED Tubes.

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Warsaw

 Country: Poland

As we all know, Eneltec is a VIP customer of DHL, but also TNT is a very big logistic company, so, any relationship between Eneltec and TNT

ENLT-T8120SMD-01 LED Tubes in Amsterdam

 Country: Netherlands

It was a rather interesting project that happened in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 19th May 2010. In this project we were required to offer a complete illumination design report for Ned Train Repair Plant.


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