Eneltec has installed about 200,000,000 LED Lighting Products by more than 500 different models for 1450 projects in 155 countries, you could find all the information of these LED Projects here.

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ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in India

Country: India

In this project, the general manager of this hospital required to use LED Down Lights with higher luminous flux. 

ENDL-29W-10 LED Down Lights in Chile

Country: Chile

This is a project of Santiago Airport located in Santiago in Chile. In this project 554 pieces of ENDL-29W-10 were used. It is not a very difficult design.

ENDL-3P9W-01B LED Down Lights in Angola

Country: Angola

In this project, we total install 800 pcs ENDL-3P9W-01B, 250 pcs ENDL-1P1W-01 and 300 pcs ENDL-1P3W-01, it takes about 15 days for all the installation work

ENDL-5P5W-02A LED Down Light

Country: China

Yuehao Hotel is a famous hotel in Shanghai, well known as Wedding Ceremony Hotel. 

ENDL-19W-06 LED Down Lights in South Korea

Country: South Korea

This was a project took place on 11th November 2011 in South Korea. This client needed us to help him decorating his new furniture store in a shopping center in Seoul. 

ENDL-8W-01A LED Down Lights in Australia

Country: Australia

In this project, we were requested to design the luminaire arrangement for a jewelry store (Raw Passion Diamond Collection) located in a shopping mall in Sydney. 

ENDL-15W-05 LED Down Lights in Taiwan

 Country: Taiwan

This project was happened on 11th May 2011. In this project we were required to design the lighting decoration of meeting room and other offices for Eneltec (Taiwan). 

ENDL-6W-03 LED Down Lights

 Country: Taiwan

This was a small project happened on 21st February 2011. In this project we were required to design the lighting decoration for a Show Room of an interior design firm located in Taipei. 

ENDL-6W-03 LED Down Lights in Lisbon

Country: Portugal

LED Down Light is the application of new LED lighting in traditional down lights on the basis of improved products.

ENTL-120W-02 LED Tunnel Light in Australia

Country: Australia

In this project, the owner use our ENTL-120W-02 tunnel light as the lighting fixtures at all the warehouse gates.


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